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A glimpse at the life of an “AntiFascist”

They are what they “hate.”

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  1. did she tell her dad to go back up stairs? pop old guy has no idea of what a shit bag he raised or maybe he does– but she is all about peace and love lol- while she beats your head in. monkeys like her are going to be the down fall of the USA. an eye for an eye bitch. …… 🙂 have a nice day IOTW people and a great labor day week end.

  2. just pass”n thru, I feel like the sarcasm is totally lost on you. Must suck to have a stick up your ass like that all the time.

  3. Love that Conservative Momma!

    Last night I listened to a reformed Occupy-er/antifa/Left Wing Wacko in a telephone interview/conversation with Stephen Molyneux. It was really amazing. The guy was late twenties, early thirties recovering drug addict/alcoholic and got the conservative religion after doing some reading on the one Left’s icons (a Spanish fascist) and learning about the murders, torture, etc. perpetrated by the Left.

    I fell asleep about half way in, so I’ll be listening to it again.



  4. …oh, the reason I brought that up in the first place was the guy said that there is rampant drug/alcohol abuse among the fascists — lots and lots of it. And as we know, most of them don’t know the real (murdering) stories behind their favs, like Che, etc. Color us all so surprised.

  5. TO H-AP

    You have already made it clear you’re a TROLL here; are you now trying to incite violence?

    Only Leftists insult blacks with the racist term “uncle tom” these days; AntiFa is almost exclusively WHITE.


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