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Empathy? Texans need a problem-solver not a professional cuddler

Patriot Retort:

Since President Trump deprived the Enslaved Press of the opportunity to complain about his handling of Hurricane Harvey, they had to come up with an alternative narrative.

All the pieces they’d already started writing with headlines like, “Seven Mistakes President Trump Made in his First National Crisis.” Or “Trump has his first big test: Here’s why he failed.” They had to delete all those and start over again with something else to gripe about.

And they found it:

Sure, President Trump was on top of things from the start. And he traveled to Texas promptly. But he didn’t show enough empathy.

You see, President Obama went to tour the damage from Super Storm Sandy and he hugged someone!

But President Trump didn’t do that!

Therefore, his trip to Texas was a failure because he didn’t show empathy.

Give me a break.

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12 Comments on Empathy? Texans need a problem-solver not a professional cuddler

  1. Strong leadership. Superb support. What more is there to ask from the president.
    I don’t want my hand held, I don’t want a hug and I damn sure don’t need a safe space.

  2. Concha does not pass the smell test, he is so full of sheet it oozes out his pore’s like sweat. Hue is so warped to the left, he can’t even make rational sense out of what his eyes perceive.

  3. barry was if anything a professional cuddler and phony. Trump is a real man of action, a man of honor who puts up a million of his own dollars for Hurricane Harvey relief to help the people of Texas. barry wouldn’t give a penny unless it was taxpayers money and even then claim credit for his compassion. And Trump’s the so called bad guy, I don’t think so.

  4. Where is “Mr. Empathy” himself? Seems like he could get to Texas and show PDT how empathy is done. I mean, he’s got plenty of time on his hands while Mike is cruising Spain with Siegfried & Roy.

  5. donations for texas
    Obama donates a signed photo of himself
    Hillary donates her books that she can’t sell, takes a inflated deduction and gets arrested for tax fraud. (I can dream, OK)
    Huff poo claims DT’s check bounced
    NY compost claims DT took funds for donation from presidential slush fund
    Fuckisberg announces he will donate nothing to those “Despicables” in Houston.
    carry on folks,

  6. @mcn…

    “…for a three hour cruise, a three hour cruise.”

    I took your advice and stayed topside. Man, that face. Literally.

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