Just how badly are Democrats being crushed under Obama’s legacy?


ABW: We’ve well documented the absolute decimation of the Democrat Party under Barack Obama’s presidency — in the form of a net loss of 1,042 seats at the Federal and State level (plus a loss of every single special election during Trump’s presidency).

Republicans now control the presidency, both houses of Congress, and the majority of State legislatures and governorships. There’s a saying that “all politics is local,” so it’s worth looking into how the recent tsunami of Red compares historically for some context as to how significant it truly is.

According to the Daily Signal:

Republicans now control the governorship and legislature in 26 states and conservative leaders say this trend continues to grow in Republicans’ favor.

“Over the last seven years since we have covered state legislatures and state executives pretty extensively, there’s been a significant shift from Democratic-controlled state governments to Republican,” Geoff Pallay, editor in chief at Ballotpedia, a website focused on elections, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

“Whatever happened in 2010 has remained,” Pallay said, adding: So in 2010 there were 12 Republican governors elected who took over for Democrat governors as their predecessor. And then in 2014, 11 of those 12 won re-election. So the party didn’t change. So whatever the wave was in 2010 didn’t recede in 2014.


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  1. What they lost in legitimate offices they gained in the Media, Academia, Deep State, the Foundations, the illegal immoral “charitable” organizations, the riotous maggots taking to the streets, and the lower life forms who fear no retribution for the violence they commit in the name of totalitarianism.
    The Brown Shirts are applying the street pressure while the cowards and lickspittles in the Republican Party give away the nation.

    The more they “lose” the harder they fight and the greater their successes.

    Seems sorta paradoxical, doesn’t it?
    Well, there are NO paradoxes – it only proves that the Globaloney-ist/Totalitarians infest America to a stunning degree and are working tirelessly to undermine Freedom, Liberty, and the Republic.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Rhino’s let the dreamers dream. No difference between the two parties.
    I agree with OLD GUY Constitutional Conservatives are needed.

  3. “Republicans now control the presidency, both houses of Congress…”, and are bravely continuing to carry out policy for the Democrats and handicapping the Executive at every turn.

  4. Obama’s legacy is everything he touch has turned to excrement. It would be funny except for the fact that he was POTUS.

    That is what the left simply does not understand. “Make America Great again” is not fascist code. It is an acknowledgement of what Obama has actually done and the desire to undo it.

  5. @Old guy September 1, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    If The Constitution didn’t stop the corruption, before, then it can’t do so now. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a failure, or a feature.

  6. Gotta disagree with Tim. The numbers watching and trusting the major media are in free fall. The protesters are working to our advantage. Academia and the NGOs are mocking themselves. And finally the regulatory agencies are loosing their grip on our economy.
    If you want to see what that adds up to, check the 1972 or 1984 elections.

  7. The fucktarded democrats are about to lose a shitload of seats in Texas too. After their oh-so-clever cheering of Houston’s flooding as being “deserved” because Trump won Texas, even though Hillary got 54.2% of the votes in Houston’s Harris County, and ingeniously protesting Trump’s arrival in Austin rather than getting up off their fat unwashed asses and helping with flood relief and after well known Obama era operatives soliciting donations to their PACs under the guise of “Hurricane Relief”, there are going to be a whole lot of purple texans telling the DNC to go fuck itself next time around.

    Christ all fucking mighty. There is simple nothing stupider than a democrat these days… nothing.

  8. The GOP leadership is working fast and hard to keep the extend of the demonrat smack down as unnoticeable as possible.

    It’s more difficult to see how deep the hole is that they are in when McConnell and Ryan jumped in after them.

  9. Liberals (progressives, socialists, educated elites, communists, do-nothing know-it-alls), the Media, tenured academics, lawyers generally, government employees and career politicians.

    iow all those who have not had to toil to achieve, they collectively are promoted and sheltered from market economics via nepotism, favoritism or union protections.

    The Economy of the World turned to crap in 2008. So how did the government grow its workforce and pay them, on avg., 50% more than the real workforce??

    These are the creeps that look down on the rest of us because they actually believe that their lack of ethics is instead higher intelligence. Time to show them that is just not so.

  10. Teleprompter Reader incompetent dumbass and the sycophant communist clueless unhinged media demolished the dnc. They r gonna get crushed in 18 and 20 and then they r history

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