A Goodbye Note


Dear President Orack,

Soooo, people kick yu out of Big House, huh? Ha Ha!

I still Supreme Leader of Magnificent Korean Empire!

Would invite yu to come to Peoples Paradise and live in splendor, but yu monkey butt ugly wife would scare chilren. Ha Ha!

Rotts of Ruck Big Ears!

Kim Jong #Un!

Orack’s reply

5 Comments on A Goodbye Note

  1. Dear Little Kim,
    (Yes I thought that one up you dynamic leader…HeHe!)
    I only dream of living in your fine Korean dynasty, and not in a house that is painted white. I often dream of the magnificent halls and ballrooms that improve my complexion on camera where you live,!they even make you look very slim!
    My genetically enhanced ears allow me to HEAR your needs so I can help you, that’s why I’m penning this to you, you sexy devil.
    Please disregard my “wife”. She’s a Wookiee self protection unit for my family. We’ve also found that we can ride her ass down the hill on snow like a slew! 😍
    We are asking for your help Obi Kim! You are our only hope!
    Please don’t forward to Kim Chee, she gave me the runs.

    Please respond to Obi Won……

  2. From the FLOTUS:
    I’m always available for advice to Ivanka and Melanie if they need it! I can even sharpen their pencils with my teeth and eat the rats around our house.
    p.s. they love riding my ass down the hill on snow!
    p.p.s. You tell that bitch Kim Chee stop fucking with my babie’s ass!

    America’s First Momma, bitch.

  3. Shouldn’t that be that kimchee gives them the wuns instead of runs? Kimchee is about on par with baloots as so called delicasies go as far as I am concerned. And dear barry, the Norks don’t have enough dogs to feed you if you decide to permanently go to N. Korea. Maybe the norks can keep you as a court jester except you’d have to compete with lil Kim to see who’s the biggest buffoon.

  4. PS:

    You come Nor’ Korea (Bes’ Korea!) unna one condit-chun. You brin’ my frien’ Birr Crinton. We hab freaky time, yes? An’ be sure to watch out for arr dat “okey-dokey” you terr peop-ru abou’. Hahahaha! Dat what I carr BIG Juche Joke!

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