The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave

HNC: The party’s over. America has yawned theatrically, made a show of looking at our watch, gathered up the empty glasses and snack bowls, put them into the sink to soak, and started talking very pointedly about how early we have to get up tomorrow to put in a full day’s work. Hint, hint.

But Barack Obama, who has been partying in our house for 8 years, isn’t picking up on our subtle message that he should just get the hell out already. MORE


8 Comments on The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave

  1. If Barack wanted to do Biden a solid favor, why couldn’t he resign an hour from Trump being sworn in, then Biden could be sworn in as 45th President of the USA, and less than an hour later Trump would be forced to become the 46th President? Biden would have an interesting permanent footnote in US Presidential history, as well as being eligible for $200,000 retirement salary.

  2. Maybe they will finally get so sick of Obama that they will bring charges against him for uttering a forged birth certificate on the White House Website.

  3. Familiarity breeds contempt,

    And absence makes the hear grow fonder.

    Perhaps Barack needs to attempt

    To get a clue while way out yonder,

    Instead of ankle-biting Trump.

    The bear is loose, but he won’t wander.

  4. Lester Holt is so fearful of Obama leaving that in the waning days of his presidency Holt has resorted to humping Barack’s leg 24/7.

  5. I refuse to listen to Obola’s droning bullshit, but I am truly glad that he’s making a “Farewell” tour. He’s like the party drunk who, while staggering towards the door, continues to turn about and relate another poignant falsehood about how wonderful and smart he is, and that his drunkenness is not his fault, but a result of his having been brave enough to stand up to the gods.

    You nod your head and gently push him towards the door, again, agreeing that, yes, life is tough when you accept the Herculean task of putting on your own socks and attempting to tie your own shoes – and you don’t mention that, maybe, he should buy a pair of loafers, because you don’t want to get him started again.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. To put this in terms we DeplorablesĀ® can understand:

    The end of 0bama’s presidency is like the end of a NASCAR race, where Junior or Jimmy Johnson keeps making victory lap after victory lap. After a bit, it just gets embarrassing.


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