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A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up

Gatestone Institute: If a radical Islamist hijacked an airplane, we might never know it was an act of terrorism. That is, if we rely only on the mainstream media.

Case in point: On September 22, Khalil El Dahr, a passenger on JetBlue Flight 261 from Boston to Puerto Rico, suddenly rushed to the front of the aircraft, choked and kicked a flight attendant, tried to break into the flight deck, and urged crew members to shoot him. It took a half-dozen flight attendants to restrain El Dahr, tying him down with flex cuffs, seat belt extenders and a necktie. On landing in Puerto Rico, El Dahr was arrested and charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants, a federal crime.

What was El Dahr’s motive? Authorities have not released their findings yet, but we know some facts from an affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent William Lopez. El Dahr had attempted an in-flight phone call and “became angry about the call’s unsuccess.” About twenty-five minutes later he rushed the cockpit, struggled with flight attendants, speaking in “Spanish and Arabic,” and “one point during the incident, they were able to understand EL DAHR say Allah in a raised tone.”

If we are trying to ascertain motive in a situation like this, shouting “Allah” would seem to be a key detail. That potentially moves the incident from “disturbed passenger freaks out over failed phone connection” to “jihadist tries to commit suicide attack.” It does not prove the latter case of course, but it does make it part of the conversation.

However, you would have to go to the FBI affidavit to get that detail. The Washington Post write up of the incident, clearly based on the affidavit, went so far as noting that El Dahr “yelled in Spanish and Arabic” but omitted that he was shouting about Allah — despite the obvious news value in that detail. more here

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  1. It’s no longer the mainstream media. It’s the democrat/swamp media. There are plenty of non democrat/swamp media outlets.

    The demo/swamp media just had a massive head start.

  2. In 1979 the entire country was on-board with F-Iran! Then Georgie boy calls it a “religion of peace” and the entire world turns a blind eye. I still don’t get it.

  3. “Dahr had attempted an in-flight phone call and “became angry about the call’s unsuccess.”

    “unsuccess”…lol In another more literate era, we’d have called that “failure”. At least the Fed didn’t refer to it as a “breakthrough call”.

    And who—or what—was he trying to call? Something in the cargo hold?

  4. Oh, calm down everybody. He shout the name of his god only, if he would start shouting names of 72 virgins that’s a different story.
    Let’s go Brandon.


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