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Big Brother’s Got Nothing On “Big Mother”

American Greatness

That kind of scene comes to mind as our digital “Big Mother,” has intervened yet again to protect America’s frail little Joseph [Biden]. As many know, the chant, “Let’s go Brandon!” has become an expression of contempt for big media’s attempt to recast the now common, “F*** Joe Biden!” chant that now dominates so many Saturday sports venues. A reporter recently told viewers that the chant was actually for a NASCAR figure, Brandon Brown, not for the president. 

Soon, Rapper Bryson Gray produced a wildly viral video repeating the chant. The artist also claimed that “they” use the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext to censor and oppress. YouTube, an arm of “Big Mother,” deleted the video to control “misinformation.” Nothing like censorship to reassure the public that we’re still free. Don’t badmouth little Joseph. Big Mother is watching.

The censorship follows shortly on the heels of a decision from Big Mother’s election “fairness” arm, the Federal Elections Commission. In that case, the FEC ruled that Twitter and Facebook did not interfere in the election by censoring accurate and truthful reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop story which revealed solid evidence of Biden family influence peddling in Ukraine, China, and other countries. Big Mother also told the public that the evidence was just Russian disinformation—a complete lieMore

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  1. Sippin’ Covfe,
    Why not physically?

  2. Little Joseph Stolen can’t fight his own battles despite being the so-called “tough guy” from Scranton who wants to take people out behind the gym and beat ’em up and Big MoFo wouldn’t have to work tirelessly to protect us from off-script information if the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media wuz simply telling the Truth!
    Fuck Joe Biden!
    Fuck Big Mother!
    Fuck the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media!

  3. Social media has become the propaganda arm of the slimy, er, democrat party, which is the U.S. division of the peoples republic of china. It’s us against them now.


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