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A Key Pivot Point in the Russia-Ukraine War

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The city of Bakhmut has been a key flashpoint in the Russia-Ukraine War, with fighting having gone on over at least several weeks. The past weekend it was confirmed by both sides that Russia has taken the city. This is a military victory with big strategic implications and has significant takeaways, not the least of which is Bakhmut’s position as a transportation hub to other vital locations within the eastern part of Ukraine.

Corporate media in the West—defined as anything that includes Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, all of whose narratives weave into your local news broadcasts—is attempting to insist that Bakhmut really isn’t strategically significant. Of course, these same outlets were saying just a week ago that Ukraine was on the verge of winning. Draw from that what you will.


The real question is where does the United States go from here? We’ve poured billions of dollars and military equipment into Ukraine. According to whistleblower reports we have more of our own military personnel committed to this fight than the public is being led to believe. In other words, that the United States is in what is, at least for now, a limited war with Russia.

So, will the U.S. respond to the fall of Bakhmut by dealing with reality and negotiating a peace agreement? The policy of the U.S. government has been to effectively ban Ukraine from going to the bargaining table and instead just keep pouring money, weapons and human beings into this territorial war rooted in ancient ethnic rivalries.

Or, will the U.S. decide that now is a good time to double down—to decide that the only reason the Russians took Bakhmut was that we weren’t committed enough?

Doing the latter, against a country with a huge cache of nuclear weapons, for a piece of land that has literally no impact on anyone in the United States, and for a cause that even the Ukrainian people themselves are fleeing from (forced conscriptions of teenagers are the order of the day in Ukraine) would seem like an insane thing to do. more here

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  1. The US has been in the wrong on this since 2014, probably before. To think we are a position to do the right thing now is strictly globalism/liberalism at its worst. We can’t be fixed!

  2. The American people have absolutely no interest in the Ukraine. The Party, which includes The Deep State, Media, Academia, Big Tech on down the line and the Romneys, Bidens, Bushs, Pelosis, and on down the line are all invested in the Ukrainian government they have set up there. You do the math.

    And don’t get me started on the Shit For Brains like the profam down the street who were standing on the street corner waiving an upside down Ukrainian flag. Those jerkoffs who couldn’t have located the Ukraine in the correct hemisphere on a map three years ago.

  3. “Those jerkoffs who couldn’t have located the Ukraine in the correct hemisphere on a map three years ago.”

    These include Administration officials high in both State and Defense Depts.

  4. Ukraine seems to be the distraction.
    The “fog of war” covers a great many subterfuges, treasons, and thefts.
    The war appears to be a huge smokescreen for the Globaloneyists to stockpile weapons and finance their efforts against America and Western Civilization (what’s left of it).

    It’s a source of great joy to the Globaloneyists that we’re arming and financing our own demise. The same people who brought us Globaloney Warming, Climate Change, Ozone Hole, Acid Rain, Covid Hoax, Obola, and the Biden Crime Syndicate are trying to eliminate the United States as a Republic and solidify their one-party rule by turning to terror.

    We’ve endured much, but I don’t believe that God is finished with us, yet.

    mortem tyrrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “Doing the latter, against a country with a huge cache of nuclear weapons…”

    Obsessing over the nuclear weapons is a distraction from the fact that while we have allowed our military personnel to be dumbed down mentally and physically, from top to bottom, dangerously depleted our stocks of warfighting equipment and lost our technological edge in pursuit of useless shit like stealth bombers, instead of integrated AD and hypersonic capability, Russia has pursued a course of modernization, over twenty years, of hardware and warfighting doctrine.

    While we have been getting our asses handed to us by sandal-wearing goatherds and abandoning our hardware in abject retreat from them, Russia has done its homework and built a force which the West in not capable of facing on a peer-to-peer level.

    That stupid canard about Russian military being a bunch of drunks shambling around in 50 year old tanks and fighter jets is nothing but pathetic projection and propagand by the fools who run our country and our media.

    We are the ones who have arrogated unto ourselves the right to first use of nukes, not the Russians, and if we do managed to FAFO what a real face to face war with the Russians looks like, it is our “leaders” who will start desperately flinging nukes. That is the cold, hard truth of the matter. We, and NATO, are not prepared for any confrontation with Russia.

  6. The clueless left in this country that thinks it’s honky Dory to send weapons to Ukraine as long as we’re not experiencing the horrors of war in America and interfering with our entertainment of the day whatever it may be.

  7. Ukrainians are just farmville Russians… or Poles… or whomever most recently overran the place. This bullshit about ‘democracy’ needs to go soak its head. There isn’t any of that kind of thing in ANY region influenced by the orient.

    Of course there isn’t any of that kind of thing in the US any more, we used to be a democratic republic, we’re more of a people’s republic now they’ve mastered the theft of any election they choose.

  8. I’ve been watching former US Army Col. MacGregor on YT recently. If anyone wants an independent take on the Ukraine War, check him out. He is all over the media for their support of Ukraine, and its identification of Russia as America’s enemy. A couple of days ago he mentioned that Russia is not going the way of the wicked west with its wokeism and critical race theory and all the other sick crap. He described Russia as a Cristian, conservative country that does not, for example, allow marriage between people of the same sex.

    He is waking up America to the terrible mistakes our so-called leaders are making, and not just about the Ukraine War.

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