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There’s Only One Law Enforcer the Democrats Don’t Hate

The Federalist

Democrats are communicating loud and clear that they support law enforcement so long as it abuses police power to serve their political goals. They want to defund police who enforce the law, and expand police forces that use law as a political weapon on Democrats’ behalf.

One proof is that in last week’s hearing on FBI weaponization, support for the FBI was split exactly by political party. Democrats uniformly supported the FBI in face of evidence of gross and systemic abuse of power, while Republicans uniformly criticized it. This is a clear tell that Democrats consider the FBI to be working for them — a shocking and dangerous situation. More

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  1. The title is not entirely accurate. They also like the ATF when they go after innocent gun owners or SWAT some unsuspecting pro-life advocate or angry parent protesting their school’s gender or race policies. They like the IRS, arming thousands of them, so they can target Dem enemies with audits and asset forfeitures. And they will just love the National Guard when called to go all “Hats And Bats” on a peaceful demonstration that pushes back on the government’s totalitarian practices.

  2. “Democrats consider the FBI to be working for them”

    Consider… my ass. The FBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party at this point. Nothing could be more obvious.

  3. We talk about communism – but even communists don’t actually believe in communism.
    Communism is a means to power, nothing more, nothing less.
    A way to subject peoples and nations to the whims of a single psychopath.
    Same as izlam, Nazism, Fascism, Monarchism – a Satanic order – nihilistic totalitarianism – in which the State is god – to subject, to oppress, to de-humanize, to atomize, to enslave the masses of ignorant and apathetic humanity.

    The FBI are our GESTAPO, our KGB, our NKVD, our SAVAK, our OVRA, our STASI – and, as in the past, we are financing our own oppression!

    All the labels, all the initials, mean nothing. We live in a binary Universe – Good v Evil, Freedom v Slavery – there is no middle course – you are either free or you aren’t – you are either good or you aren’t.

    “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”
    (Mark 3:25)

    Well, our “house” is certainly divided – the followers of Darkness v the seekers of the Light.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “When federal law enforcement becomes the shock troops of only one political party, you don’t have the rule of law anymore.”

    We’re there and the Republican led (?) Congress holds hearings confirming the CIA, FBI, ATF, IRS, etc. are the political arm of the DNC.

    When will Congress get off its ass and attack the budgets of these rogue agencies? Cut DEEP, as they have hidden budget line items to do as they wish.

    DO NOT increase the Debt Limit, CUT all Agency Budgets, line by line, Ear mark by ear mark.


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