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A Law & Order Campaign Could Win the Day

I’ve said it before but I’ll take this opportunity to repeat it again; the candidate that takes up the mantle of Law and Order as a central theme in 2016 will win the whole thing.

It’s worked before.


I’m not the only one seeing this right now.


The left will try to convince people that gun control is a law and order solution.

The right should build off of stopping illegal immigration and continue right into support for and embrace of law enforcers.

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  1. Trump or Cruz could win the nomination right now with these words:

    -My first order of business once in the White House, is to prosecute Hillary Clinton for gross negligence, Tim Geithner and Al Sharpton for tax fraud, Holder, Jarrett and Obama for treason.

    He would win in a landslide.

  2. How you suppose people in Ferguson, LA, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit,.. are going to get their fair share if there is law and order?

  3. Too bad there are only 10 blacks there and Brent Bozelle. Its a little too little from these guys. They are just getting around to this now, after 50 years of slaughter??? Cmon… But I give them a C+ for at least starting to speak out now. Next stop should be in front of the Capitol Building to demand that fucking KKK Grand Wizard Demoncrat legend Robert Byrd have his name erased from the Federal Court Houses named after him and the monuments and portraits of THAT ASSHOLE removed as well. Then I will take them seriously.

  4. If they do that, the state of West Virginia will end up with a huge budget deficit. Seems like half the highways and public buildings there are named for Byrd.

  5. I have had a gut feeling for a while that this next Presidential election may be a repeat of 1968 as well as 72 and 1980 & 84 with the election of Reagan. Just because the American people are fed up with the democraps as well as the RINO’s and all their ilk who have misled this country for years. I hope I’m right and that it’s not too late. In the words of the immortal Howard Beale from the movie Network, ‘We’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

  6. I love it. The perfect segue from Make America Great Again to Make America Safe Again. It couldn’t have been orchestrated by pols – events had to happen to make it a great slogan.

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