A List of Platforms That Have Dumped Trump
















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36 Comments on A List of Platforms That Have Dumped Trump

  1. I love the sound of millions of Trump supporters pulling themselves from the filthy mire of each of those Platforms.

    And quit the repulsive GOP! DRY up their revenue!

  2. Thank you for the list of companies that I shall dump! Well, actually I never patronized any of them anyway, so I guess I was ahead of the curve.

  3. In cooperation with the wishes of the multinationals Joe and the whore will restart the program of america’s managed decline.
    China desperately needs our resources, especially our farmland and the one worlders have made the sale.

  4. Does this mean that the president will have to look elsewhere to be interrupted and bombarded constantly by annoying advertising?
    The poor chap!

  5. The next thing you know, all the women’s magazines will refuse to put Melania on their covers. Oh…wait…never mind.

  6. Biden will come u Will come up with a great deal for them. OK dollar per square mile of farmland. The 20th will be too late to declare martial law.

  7. Uninstalled Firefox and Chrome and cancelled Amazon Prime and unsubscribed from their emails today, Fuck’em who are the fascists again.

  8. Stop! We have all had enough with the purge from social media. Yes, get rid of me and do me the favor. They are evil but what can you do. I realize they are having issues posting for others and deleting them from their platform. Why are they the only ones that have a platform? Why hasn’t anyone set-up a strong conservative webpage? Are they the only ones that have the funds to do this? I’m exhausted to try to figure it out. Enough already!

    God Bless all!

  9. Bongino says we need to create a parallel universe; a conservative universe.
    We’ve always known this, now it’s forced upon us.

  10. Instead of canceling your paid for web accounts like Amazon where you have left public reviews/comments and posted with some screen name, delete your credit card information and change your screen name to TRUMP WON.

  11. I think the Covfefe Board is still available.

    So much for Freedom of Speech in America when the number one citizen is denied his.

  12. Kommiela, Mad Max, Biden, Pelousy, and pretty much all the media and leftists spent the last year telling BLM & antifa to keep burning, rioting and killing but they aren’t inciting violence. Trump tells everyone to be peaceful and go home and activates the Nat’l Guard and he’s inciting violence.
    The sheeple will believe it without listening to what anyone actually said.
    Too bad there are more employed people on our side who spend money.
    This is going to bite all these organizations in the azz.

  13. Stupid is as stupid does! The world is watching. It saw the way the progressive leftist Democrats declared war against Trump from day one. It saw them blame him for a disease no one in the world could stop. It saw them turn a blind eye to violent rioters burning down our cities, destroying, fighting,etc.
    The world knows the Democrats are to blame.

  14. Aaaaaaaannnnnnd they’re not even in power yet!
    Imagine what’s commin with these Communists! Something needs to be done before these bastards start finishing the wall just to keep us in!

  15. “Something needs to be done before these bastards start finishing the wall just to keep us in!”

    No need to keep us in, it’s a worldwide change and there’s n place to go to escape it. It’s actually more advanced in most of the world.

  16. I give IOTW a year before we are shut down also, but more likely 6 months. The purge us very real and we patriots had better strap in because 2022 elections are our final firewall and the commies will attempt to destroy us before then.

    They are already firing conservatives nationwide from their jobs, and actually actively working to prevent conservatives from getting employment.

    I suspect a purge of conservatives from federal contracting and federal employment also.

    It’s gonna get real patriots, they will come for guns and ammo soon as well.

  17. These outlets have to much power over people’s lives. Why is everybody scrambling to replace them with different ones? Do people enjoy getting kicked in the nuts? Want to drive the government listeners nuts? Don’t use sites that can be monitored, talk in person and put them in the dark.

  18. Different Tim,

    If by person you mean face to face, maybe…

    Most likely they are using facial recognition to track us so even that’s not an option in public. How do you think so many capital rioters were apprehended so quickly.

    The CIA and NSA already monitor our every public statement we make on the internet as well as every conversation we have at home through our “smart”devices.

    Now the purge and punishable thought crimes commence.

  19. Now that the communists have stifling any dissent within their grasp, their next move will be to restrict travel and gatherings with federal decrees. After that kiss your retirement money goodbye.


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