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A Machine That Unbends Bent Rebar

I notice that this guy backs up a bit when he feeds it.

What has he seen? What has he heard?

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  1. That recycled bar should never be used as reinforcement. A lot of things are made from rebar in the 3rd world that don’t require the designed strength. Unfortunately, it will be purchased for use as new.

  2. This doesn’t make sense. Bent rebar is scrap. Why build an expensive machine to straighten it? It can’t be used in construction again because it is severely weakened by the fatigue of the original bend and subsequent straightening.
    Well, maybe in shithole countries…

  3. My first job out of high school was in a sheet metal shop. When I was tending the Bliss press, I bent down to pick up something and didn’t get back up quick enough. A piece of metal shot out and caught my just behind and below my ear, just missing my carotid artery and bruising a nerve that made some of my fingers and toes a little numb for a few days. It’s always prudent to give machines some space.

  4. He’s stepping back because it’s a new machine to him.

    Notice there is nothing to catch and handle the finished product.

    What factory lets their product hit the floor uncontrolled? Not even a box to hold it.

  5. Admiral Levine will put out a short video declaring this machine at odds with new HHS Gender Identity Non-Discrimination and Inclusion Guidance. Since this machine doesn’t straighten pubic hairs of transgender BIPOCs and other underserved communities, but instead purposefully averts focusing on real problems we face today, anyone who uses it for straight white man’s steel will receive a fine of $25k and up to 30 years in jail.

  6. ^^^

    We HAVE those machines.

    The Founders even left us instructions on their use, in the Declaration of Independence, the Second Amendment, their personal writings and their personal examples.

    We simply refuse to use them for the purpose that they were designed.


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