A Nation Divided On Its Birthday

The president tweeted out a nicely done piece on the Independence Day celebration he hosted yesterday. Watch

The far left chose another way to celebrate the 4th of July near the White House. Watch

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  1. It ain’t ‘far’ left anymorw. It’s the totality of the other side.

    It’s over, kids. Get ready.

  2. These are not your father’s “mainstream Democrats.”

    The mainstream Democrat of today is a subhuman, bolshevik piece of shit. What was recognized as a mainstream Democrat a few years ago is an outlier today. The more sane among them have moved into the Trump camp leaving nothing but a bunch of malicious, maladjusted malcontents representing the Democrat base.

  3. Chris Plante made the point, which I repeated some time ago.

    Today’s left have more in common with Lee Harvey Oswald than they do with John fitzgerald Kennedy.
    They are violent communists plotting the overthrow of our government.

  4. The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) wants to take over the leftist movements like Antifa and run most leftwing protests. These are serious communists and, when conditions are ripe, I think would start an armed conflict. They wouldn’t get far because most of the left hasn’t got the stomach for it. Still, it deserves to be smashed to smithereens by conservatives, if the police and armed services aren’t up to it.

    The RCP is an organization to monitor and be aware of.

  5. Wonderful clip, Dadof4. Generation Z may be our hope for the future to counteract the damage Millenials have done to this country.

  6. Wow, Dadof4. She has a beautiful voice and as she matures, it will only become more lovely. Thanks for posting that link!


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