A popular “KNITTING” site bans all posts favorable to the president because he’s “a white supremacist”

Daily Dot-

Ravelry, the leading social networking website for knitting activities, banned posts that are supportive of President Donald Trump and his administration.

The company made the announcement on Sunday morning, noting that the platform will still allow users who support Trump and his administration. The users just aren’t allowed to voice their support for Trump on the platform. 

“We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy,” part of the statement read. “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”


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  1. The leftist liberal bastards are tying themselves in a knot to avoid freedom, the pursuit of happiness and the American dream.

    The dumb shits are hanging on by a thread.

  2. I have to admit, those gals really could spin a good yarn. Some of their stories would keep me in stitches.

  3. their site is already dead with that look of aol in 1989.
    go ahead ravelry, stay in the CompuServe past where you belong.
    we’re busy stitching together the future, where you are knot!

  4. That link sends you to a “news” website that backs these lint-heads 100%. Liberalism is a mental disorder. You can prove it with the fact that a knitting website thinks this highly of themselves.

  5. I have been a member of Ravelry since 2008. No more. I’m done. I notice they don’t provide a place to email the reasons, so I’ll just cancel my account.

  6. O’Shucks. Now what do we do? This is the end of all hope, might as well just hang ourselves with 13 knots of yarn.

  7. I have been a member since 01/2010 and almost got booted in 2012 for non-PC opinion of Obarfma. Some conservatives have been banned since 2012 although Casey lies about it. The leading conservative sub-forum knew this was coming and deleted the group to move to a closed Facebook Group several months ago.

    I am so disgusted I can’t see straight. My Rav library has 762 patterns with more than 1/2 purchased patterns and the rest offered free by designers. I refuse to have what a paid for stolen so it’s time to download what I want to keep and quit. I just signed up for a Mystery Knit A Long (MKAL) with designer Casapinka and have the yarn on order. Screw it. I won’t wait for all the clues to be doled out but will use the yarn for something else.
    I think I can export the entire library of patterns all at once. If not then one at a time.

    So many of the indie dyers and designers I know who advertise on Rav are conservatives. I wonder what they will do? It would be nice if they pulled their ads and stopped funding Casey.

    Liberals shit where they eat.They crapped up an embroidery forum and have caused a huge loss in revenue for the board and shop owner. She closed her business and retired. There is no ‘diversity’ just the same old lock step and thought police.

    I guess conservative knitters will be sent to Suckerberg’s Alcatraz. I would like to shove my mother’s vintage steel knitting needles up Casey’s arse except he would probably enjoy it.

  8. Why do any non-political sites allow political commentary, pro or con? If it is a knitting site, then stick to your knitting and post your political comments in the appropriate forum.

  9. Golly! Where will I go now to learn how to knit a pussy hat?!

    “White Supremacy”?! Cuckoo, cuckoo.

  10. I forget, is it “knit one, Hate Trump, Purl two or is it Knit two, Hate Trump, Purl one?
    Knitting is so sophisticated sometimes.

  11. contact their isp. power company. phone company. water company. gas company.

    bet some of them are conservative. stop doing business with them!

  12. I DENY Ravelry’s claim that support for Trump is the same as support for white supremacy

    Ravelry will not pull the wool over our eyes

  13. The White half of the Øbamboozler is a lot more Supremacist than President will ever be when you compare their Black Unemployment records!!

  14. Geez… You could knock that site over with a feather. Do they have a clue about the DDOS that will happen when Drudge links it?


  15. @Eugenia – I always download my pattern purchases but will miss seeing new ones. Do you know of another place that designers sell their patterns? I was so furious yesterday. Seems like most of the Twitterverse is all-in with this, gushing over how brave Ravelry was, and inviting conservatives to leave if we didn’t like it. The worst was how they blithely accuse half of America of being white supremacists. Do they even hear themselves? I’m at a loss of how to deal with this idiocy.

  16. @Eugenia and riverlife_callie

    This is very disappointing. I had to leave another knitting site by invitation of the author. Her premise was that if users were so against illegals coming to the U.S. for “free stuff” then partaking of her “free advice” on her site was hypocrisy.

    Etsy for selling patterns. Although traffic would have generated from Ravelry.

  17. These commies would have kicked Betsy Ross in the crotch and sewn George Washington a hammer and a sickle.

    What’s the expression that aptly sums up where we are? That the Left has won the culture war and now they’re just driving around shooting the survivors.

  18. @riverlife_callie
    Some of the places other than Ravelry are myblueprint.com formerly craftsy.com
    sweetgeorgiayarns.com has some as does Hedgehog Fibers. Universal Yarns blog has a free pattern Friday and a large library of free patterns.
    I thought I read Art Fire was closing but not sure of that.

    I get a lot of nice patterns for not much money at etsy.com also a lot of great indie dyed yarn. I look up some favorites and post them. I knit lace and a lot of shawls, hats, mits Dutch Knitting Designs is one I remember off the top of head. All are PDF

    Probably the best site is online magazine knitty.com (free patterns that don’t suck). You can search by year, pattern type, degree of difficulty

    The Purl Bee in NY has some expensive supplies and also a free knitting, quilting, sewing patterns

    Let me go look up more

  19. @riverlife_callie other Etsy pattern sellers I’ve used

    fav yarn seller suburbanstitcher.com
    The Fibre Studio especially 50 Shades of Gradient

    fav Etsy yarn sellers

  20. Thanks, Eugenia. I do buy yarn from indie dyers on Etsy, but never looked for patterns there. I have a few favorite designers I buy from. I’m going to email them and ask if they support Ravelry’s new policy. If so, no more money from me.

  21. Jojomittens I was also invited to a dyers blog, Dyeabolical Yarns, it was so far leftist I almost puked. She went on and on how knitters are racist because there are very few people of color knitting. She believes it is too expensive for all those poor poor black folks to afford. She failed to see the blatant racism in her own statements. I don’t know where she hangs out but there are plenty of black and brown people who are involved in fiber arts as crafters, designers or dyers. I can’t stomach the bilge and bile from SJW’s.

    2 more places to purchase patterns
    Webs (yarn.com)
    Knit Picks

  22. @Eugenia

    Funny you mention that. Knitting is expensive but ladies (and men) have been recycling yarn from thrifted items for years. I guess Dyeabolical doesn’t think people of color are creative enough to source cheap materials.

  23. It’s been two years and and you still have their pussy-hat in a twist over President Trump. Good God, could it get any more pathetic?

  24. @JojoMittens and riverlife_callie,

    2 more with free patterns Lion Brand Yarn has a massive free library but you do need to sign up (free) Jimmy Beans Wool has a lot free designs. I am partial to Nim Teasdale. Her blog is not up to date though. Also Ambah O’Brien, Kitman Figueroa, Very Busy Monkey, Joji, Deplorable Knitter.

    At this point I have enough to keep me busy through President Trump’s 2nd term. At least my LYS owner is a conservative.


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