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A Purge of Midlevel Nitwits Is Long Overdue

Daily Caller

To avoid the woke mind virus‘ continued takeover of America, anyone in charge must avoid the Midwit Mire. Musk’s successes at Twitter — unbanning accounts, prompting open discussion of Twitter’s place in society, even speeding up the site itself — stem from this. Musk succeeds because he has clear objectives, stemming from principles he believes are right, and he has cleared out the middle and upper management that seeks process for process’ sake and dialogue for dialogue’s sake. Heads of major institutions should take note. It is not the personal politics of your employees that will cause your corporation to succumb to wokeness; it is your own failure to present clear goals and compelling moral standards. To avoid the muck, you must “just say ‘no’” and directly fight off the wokeness.

Right-leaning political organizations and intellectuals risk falling into the Midwit Mire, too. My critique of proceduralism and neutrality here may have sounded familiar to those paying attention to realignment on the right, echoing conversations in the political rather than corporate sphere. Dressing up the purest midwittery in the founder’s language of enumerated rights, separation of powers, and checks and balances, supposed social conservatives have defended the right to sexualize children, whether with easily accessible internet pornography or drag queen story hour and the like. They ignore John Adams, who wrote in a 1798 letter that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Law itself cannot ultimately remain neutral, in other words — and neither can corporations or the market. The war on wokeness requires that we first rid ourselves of the midwits in our midst. Purge

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  1. I had a boss who introduced me years ago to the idea “You can’t legislate morality.” I didn’t fully comprehend what this meant at the time but it didn’t take me long to figure it out. The problem, as I see it, is that while morality may not, technically, be legislated, immorality can.

  2. …this is a very good piece of writing that exposes the delusional foil of “reasonableness” employed by dimwits who — consciously or unconsciously — believe there is no objective truth. When one starts from that position it is effortless to argue in favor of very stupid and immoral causes.

  3. I have a completely different take; I prefer corporations get back to practicing rapacious capitalism, maximize shareholder value, utilize meritocracy in all hiring decisions, and provide the very best products or services in accordance with their business model.

    Politics, religion, or woke ideologies have no place in business. DIE, ESG, or any other alphabet slogan, all are restrictive in the mission to maximize profits. They are not a social laboratory answerable to any voter. They should not be assisted by the government (too big to fail) or targeted. Raw capitalism does not discriminate, it rewards the innovators and punishes the incompetent.


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