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A Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats

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  1. What a sweet video. Thanks for sharing. It’s places like this that people should give money…if they can… to support. People on the ground actually working with the critters, rather than those big funds that who knows where your dough really goes. Just my opinion. :))

  2. Am I misunderstanding this? What kind of low life rat bastard sends their aging pet off to die someplace else? WTF?

  3. Yes, sometimes extenuating circumstances force people to surrender their pets. I’ve taken in a dog from someone who could no longer keep her. That’s not to say some folks are just down right cold hearted. I hope someone will take in my critter, when I’m gone or become invalid.

  4. We have several cats who came from people who died or went in nursing homes. One elderly lady had no family. The others, sad to say, the stinking rotten families dumped the animals after they got all auntie’s, grandma’s assets. In one instance the only surviving family member was also in his 80’s and unable to care for his sister’s cat.

  5. It’s explained in the video. People who die, enter nursing homes, can no longer afford the prohibitive cost of caring for a sick pet, rescued strays, etc.

    Wish I could work there.

  6. When you’re ancient and infirm, you may not have a choice. I worry about what will happen to my doggies when I get to that point.

  7. Bless these ladies and all the others that run similar hospices for elderly or sick animals. They represent the spirit of America that Obama, Clinton and the others want to destroy. It’s a spirit filled with love, compassion and a sense of obligation to our animal friends who are reaching the end of their lives. It’s a spirit of charity that used to be common among the American people but over the last few decades has been eroded by liberals to be replaced among far too many with a sense of entitlement. How a society treats it’s animals speaks volumes on their character and thank God these ladies are here to speak for America’s.

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