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A UniParty Ticket of Trump/Kennedy?


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  1. I’d like Tulsi Gabbard in the mix somewhere.

    Kennedy/Gabbard if Trump is taken out by Bragg or his co-conspirators.

    I read that Bragg’s case is ironclad standard tax fraud, guaranteed conviction. He wrote off NDA payments as legal fees. Avoided tax on it. Go to jail.

  2. This is a Uniparty I could back. I had been considering voting for RFKJ in the Dem primaries as a protest vote, and for his position against the jab, as now his call for peace in Ukraine. If he joins with Trump I will support them. DeSantis is a great Governor, but I’m still wary and have suspicions.

  3. I don’t know that they’d be invincible, but certainly formidable.

    But, of course, every election depends primarily on the steal – the level of fraud executed. We know the Demonrats have stolen national elections since (at least) Obola’s second term. They’ve been stealing local elections since the 1800s.

    We have tolerated this particular treason long enough (too long) and we need to make it a capital offense, enforce it, and execute the malefactors – those who cheat, those who organize the cheat, and those who finance the cheat.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. His voice sounds the way it does because he has spasmodic dysphonia.

    He’s a Democrat which means he can’t be trusted or should I say trusted less than a Republican. Trump was plagued by people thwarting everything he did. Why have an enemy in the camp?

    Thumbs down on a Trump/Kennedy ticket.

  5. Historically the President and Vice President were once elected separately. That’s how we ended up with things like Republican Lincoln and his VP Democrat Johnson.

    Which also explains why Lincoln was assassinated even after Southern Democrats had lost the Civil War.

    And why the Democrat party wasn’t outlawed but instead became stronger.

    And why the slaves weren’t taken from Democrats and send back as Lincoln would have had it.

    …so yeah, Democrat VP=Dead Republican P.

    At the end of the day, no Democrat will ever willingly give up their slaves.

    Kennedy is no exception.

  6. Interesting combination. On one hand, we have a man who likes to boast of how he is responsible for delivering the Covid “vaccine” in record time. ON the other hand, we have a man who clearly understands the fraud behind the Covid “vaccine”.

  7. I don’t believe there will ever be any honest elections.
    Not real sure there will be another election. I can see a fabricated emergency to cancel the election. Just like they use J6 to cancel congress and the objections to certifying the vote.
    If you could remove the evil from congress, government, big tech, and the media, what would be left?
    The fact that Obama, Clinton, and Bush have started their own NGO, means they don’t care what you know or want.

  8. One more caveat, Trump changes political parties like he changes his underwear. Donald Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987; since that time, he has changed his party affiliation five times. In 1999, Trump changed his party affiliation to the Independence Party of New York. In August 2001, Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic. In September 2009, Trump changed his party affiliation back to the Republican Party. In December 2011, Trump changed to “no party affiliation” (independent). In April 2012, Trump again returned to the Republican Party.[4]

    So, in the big picture of things, Trump will be comfortable with whoever he selects. Pence as we all see now was a big mistake. Didn’t Trump see that? Why isn’t he choosing a female? Heh, Hillary is a Democrat, run her on the same ticket as Trump! Trump is like a reed in the wind.

    I’m ashamed that I voted for him twice.

  9. Southern Man
    AT 9:41 AM
    “^^^^As a white supremacist I resemble that remark.”

    Not all Southerners are racists, White Supremacists, or any other stereotype. Not even during the War Between the States.

    But all White Democrats were.

    And are.

    The Black Democrats are racist too, against everyone who isn’t Black. As are the Hispanics.

    Democrats teach that race is important.

    So they all end up fixiated on it.

  10. RFK Jr. is all in on man-made climate change.

    He’s great if you are fine with giving up your internal combustion engine, gas stove, incandescent lights, lawnmower, standard shower head & flush toilet, live in 15 minute cities, bicycle to work at your government approved job making solar panels, and in the evenings will settle down to a nice dinner of bug larvae.

    Sure, why not Trump/Kennedy… but make it Teddy, I hear he’s been sober for decades now.

  11. Golden fox: I don’t care how many times President Trump changed parties. I’m as fed up with the republicans as I am with the democrats. And I am proud I voted for him. Twice.

  12. Trumps ego will not allow him to pick anyone that may possibly outshine him.
    Even though it could lead to his VP winning the presidency in 2028.
    It’s very clear once you understand that Trump cares about Trump first, America second.
    Yes, he loves this country but his interests come first.

  13. No friggin’ way. No more of the Kennedy spawn in any way. Robert Kennedy Jr. is at heart a dyed in the wool liberal communist death democrat. Who even suggests having him on a republican Trump ticket. It is a bullshit idea. We need hardcore conservative warriors in the White House or we will never win back our country from the communist death democrats. No fucking way.

  14. Nope.

    I just don’t think we should get all “I want to have his baby” just because someone does ONE thing right. He supports too many things that are ultra left even if he does seem more moderate than who we’ve seen of the left lately. But that’s not hard since the left has become so bat-shit crazy.

    Over the last week, I’ve seen some videos of him talking about other topics not related to vaccines. I don’t remember them all, but one I remember is he is definitely all for Climate Change legislation. You know, destroy fossil fuels for pie-in-the-sky ELECTRIC. That right there … big fat NOPE!

  15. Yes Claudia, Trump/Kennedy is the most preposterous thing I’ve heard all week.
    RFK Jr. blames man for climate change and is married to the biggest leftist bitch in Hollywood. No way would a T/K ticket work even in a Hollywood movie.

    Our side tends to put on the rose-colored glasses anytime a celebrity or moderate democrat says ONE sensible thing.
    Remember Kanye?
    Good grief.

  16. “Trump/Mulvaney ticket, it’s a better fit. Trump is fighting hard for them, so why not? I’m serious.”

    Well, he would dress better than Jill…and that’s not saying much.

  17. Trump and Kayleigh McEnany or Candace Owens, if they are willing. The key is to quit electing Career Politicians. They have made a career out of screwing over America.
    And quit electing lawyers, they went to college to learn how to lie better.

  18. I am impressed and sickened by and grateful for RFK’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. He has done great work on covid, vax, and public health issues. Trump could announce that he would appoint RFK as head of NIH or the CDC after he wins. He needs to get some great non-swamp doctors and lawyers in there to expose the rot and show how he and we were lied to.

    In the meantime, a Trump/Kennedy ticket would just make it too easy for the media to ignore both outsiders at once.

  19. Trump is Claus.

    Trump is Prankster Bug.

    Trump has fooled you.

    ht p://www.apocalypsecartoons.com/roc-7-bug.html

    Trump should appoint RFK Jr. as Attorney General to follow in the footsteps of RFK Sr. Unlike Sessions and Barr, RFK Jr.’s voice would drive out EVERYONE from the DoJ.

  20. A Trump/Kennedy general election is the swamp’s worst nightmare. Both have pledged to dismantle the corporate/government/media nightmare.

    Once we can have honest discussions again, contentious policies like affirmative action and AGW can be openly debated again. That will put the lie to climate change once and for all.

  21. Charlie Kirk? A dumber and uglier version of Shapiro. I recall very clearly people on Twitter begging him to report on voter fraud that was going on in AZ during Kari Lake’s run and he publicly refused to do anything about it. He later apologized to Kari but too little too late. Sundance doesn’t anything nice to say about his and TPUSA either.

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