A Very Good Question

Why does NPR still exist?

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  1. Things to not trust:

    1) A dog with foam around its mouth
    2) Two day old sushi
    3) Government sponsored broadcasters.

  2. As I understand and have heard, NPR gets only 5 – 10% of its total budget from government funding. A little belt tightening, but not a bankruptcy, if government money was removed.
    Yes, it’s “pennies” in the total government budget, but pennies add up to dollars. And it’s a justification for my forcefully stolen tax dollars NOT being spent on that Libtard lunacy.

  3. Because too many Republicans are afraid of doing that – they would have all their invites to the special parties withdrawn and the MSM would say bad things about them.

  4. Tax write off for all the rich liberals would be my guess. Because they damn sure won’t donate to something that helps people like the Salvation Army.

  5. PBS & NPR still exist because

    The extremist left smellocrats

    want to use taxpayer money to fund
    their propaganda upon the USA citizenry.

  6. I don’t care whether NPR exists – but it should be able to raise its own money instead of feeding off the government. Same for PP, NEA, or any private organization whether I like the organization or not. If it is a good organization it will attract donations. Period. And by being forced to earn their donations they will become better organizations.

  7. 50 years ago there was a former union president Gov who calle it “NAZI Public Radio”. 39 years ago he became President and “eliminated” taxpayer subsidies. Its in quotes because 2 leftist GOP Sen. killed. I am sure Ron knew that Arlen + Bob – as Gore pointed out in the VP debates in 96 – 2 of the most progressive men in Congress, would vote him down.

    For those under 60 Snarlin Arlen and Bob Dole were both leftist GOPe men.

  8. The Mitts and Lamars of the world should look to Arlen as a cautionary tale.

    He gave Democrats what they wanted when he flipped and they reneged on a deal for him to keep committee seats and his cancer ridden husk was tossed in a pauper’s grave forgotten to history.

    As he should be.

  9. Here’s why. Because the partisan fights and litigation and effort to address big things and little things often aren’t much different.

    And there are only so many minutes in a day and so many fronts one can be dealing with at the same time.

    NPR is one of lots and lots of little things…

    It will be taken care of later. Second term. And after efforts have made the necessary success w/re the big things.

    Complicated business.

  10. I quit listening to All Liberal Things Considered and other NPR news programs sometime around 1985. I don’t think that I’ve listened to NPR since Tommy of Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers on Car Talk since Tommy died a few years due to having Alzheimers. And Garrison Keillor AKA Gary Keillor used to be funny before he started injecting his left wing Minnesota politics into A Prairie Home Companion. NPR needs to go the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon, extinct. And take the Corp. For Public Broadcasting and PBS with it.


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