And the Left says Trump should stop Tweeting???

Hillary Tweets garbage and then gets a response:
The Award For Tweeter Bitch Slap Of The Day Goes To…

12 Comments on And the Left says Trump should stop Tweeting???

  1. … there’s the kick … it’s a long one …. it’s up … & it’s … GOOD!!!

    Drunken Grandma of Death gets her ass handed to her again!

    ‘integrity’ & ‘clinton’ should never be used in the same tweet … EVER!

  2. Every moral standard they have of TRUMP, are the same ones that they never applied to the Clintons.

    From Bill’s sexual misconduct at Oxford, to Hillary’s gun-running operation in Benghazi.

    As long as TRUMP is moving the political football forward, no morals or laws apply to him.


  3. That’s transference. During Bill’s impeachment not one senator looked at the evidence, not one. This time, there is no evidence because there was no crime.


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