I very rarely disagree with Ryan Saavedra, if ever…

He posted this with the caption-

Democrat policies attempting to fix America’s problems

Funny, but not accurate.

  • The guy, unlike democrats, is actually putting in effort.
  • This effort would have solved the dust problem if he wasn’t so stupid. Democrat’s solutions aren’t flawed because they are implemented incorrectly, they are just flawed.
  • If this was a democrat solution to a problem the hose would be attached, but it would be to the inside of your wallet.

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  1. I think Ryan was trying to point out;

    1) How entertaining democrats are to the rest of us in any of their endeavors as they flail about aimlessly never closer to any real solutions.
    2) That premises be damned, its the effort that counts.
    3) That any critique or criticisms of this gentlemen’s vacuuming skills make you a racist.
    4) That he lacks a living wage, has been ground down by the white patriarchy, and is vexed by climate change and the injustices at the border to focus or be effective in his work.
    5) And seriously, who can concentrate on work when Hitler is in the White House?

  2. Heck I have done that with a cheep ass shop vac the hose pops out and you keep working,some are so loud they sound like a jet engine.
    I now have two Alto’s one 15 gallon one 5 gallon they are so quite you can stand right next to them and talk in a normal voice. Quite spendy thou.
    I would have liked to see the next 30 seconds.

  3. Democrats, or in particular LEFTISTS, do NOT want to fix problems, rather they want to create problems so as to step in as the solution (Hegelian “principle”). When they step in as the “solution” they will seize control and attempt to wipe out the opposition, who will be defined as anyone who doesn’t do what they say.

  4. Followed by-
    1) A committee to decide why the vacuum didn’t clean, and other discussions like…
    a: Was the vacuum made by, purchased from a union company/merchandiser?
    b: was it fair trade? Eco-friendly?
    c: was the operator trained?

    2) Meeting does not solve anything, so committee agrees to meet at a later date…
    a: to discuss where the followup meeting will be held
    b: which tropical country to hold it in.

    This is what a handful of idiots in charge of waste services for the state of CA did back in early 2000.
    Their jobs were to meet 3 times a year, somewhere tropical like Mexico, and ‘discuss’ trash. They were all paid mid to high 6 figures. Probably still are.

  5. Sorry. Each and every one us have multiple stories of our own dumbassery. I have plenty.

    Mowed the lawn with the new self propelled lawn mower without engaging the blade. Different lever. Basically took the lawn mower for a little walk.

    Painting the rake boards on my roof from an extension ladder, I determined that I didn’t need to take the paint bucket down from the hook every time I moved the ladder. Worked great until i made a ladder height adjustment. Lowering it. Bucket edge grabbed the rung below it and dumped 3/4 gallon of ‘privilege white’ right on top of my head. At least I entertained Mrs Henry.

    There are many more of these stories.

    Dumbass stuff like this keeps us humble and provides years of hilarious stories.

    We’ve all done it.

  6. Yep PHenry Like filling your thermos up with hot water and forgetting to dump it and add the coffee.

  7. Bought my first brand new BMW in 1984 (LA Olympics, what a blast) and decided that any dummy can do an oil change. After I poured the 4th qt of oil I noticed an oil pool rapidly growing on the garage floor, I then remembered I had not put the oil pan bolt back on.

    And who doesn’t have at least a half a dozen paint stories?

  8. PHenry here’s a good one that happened last year at our house, our PRV valve went out and our water pressure spiked to 125 psi and could have blown up the dishwasher and many other things. We changed that out.
    So then I had to change out the expansion tank that was full, had AA come down to help hold it up (Its 5 gallons) easy to do, just one problem I forgot to shut off the water, we have a 1.25 inch water main that moves a lot of water real fast.
    The main shut off is in another room, by the time I shut it down I was soaked AA was soaked and she was Pissed. 2 electrical panels were wet the low voltage panel was wet all of the controls for our boiler wet the boiler was wet, Thank God we had a floor drain in the mechanical room.
    I had a real brain fart that time.

  9. My friend was trying to fix a p trap under the kitchen sink and made a mess. Her hubby came in and tried to mop it all up. And proceeded to dump the whole bucket of dirty water back in the sink! Without connecting the p trap first.

  10. Sorry Fur.
    Didn’t mean to threadjack with apologies for stupid human tricks stories.
    That’s a different thread, but I was feeling sorry for the poor sap that didn’t know his vac hose was disconnected.

    And then there was the time…
    Would be a hilarious thread. Probably a weekend thread. Stupid stuff.

  11. Fur, Sounds like a good topic, dumb stuff someone/we did.

    How about making the coffee but forgetting to put the coffee in the paper filter first, yep weakest coffee ever.

  12. We had a new guy at work who was holding the vacuum hose on a concrete cut inside a lady’s house at the sliding glass door floor. They never checked to see if there was a filter on the vacuum, it coated the entire house with concrete dust and she was a hyper neat knick knack lady. Took us two days to clean it with two guys.

  13. Yep this would be a very good weekend post. Forklifts, cars in the sand,camping,tree falling,netting fish,fires,cutting post tension cables on condos, and many more. And farts that start fires in the woods.

  14. I’m not proud, but I might have you all beat. I was young, 7-8, and for some dumb reason I was curious what a vacuum sounded like if I had it close to my ear. Anyway, I put the hose up to my ear and turned it on. The only thing that saved me from sucking my brains out of my head was that I somehow thought to open that little sliding vent on the metal end of the hose. Escaped with only minor ear drum damage that seems to have healed. My poor mom couldn’t believe she raised someone so stupid.

  15. Geoff, the one thing that saved me from that was those stupid jokes about home made jack off machines that tore your dick off. Even though we all laughed at those, it still scared me from trying.

  16. Joe AKA milking machines. See you soon.
    The story about starting a fire with a fart is true.
    Will tell you when we see you, just remind me.


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