Abandoned Greyhound Acts as Guide and Protector for His Blind Sister

OddityCentral: A couple of animal shelter workers in the municipality of Navalcamero, near Madrid, Spain, recently came across the most heartwarming sight – a five-month old greyhound helping his blind sister cross the road.

greyhounds Blinder-and-Pisper ends well

The two dogs were apparently moving very slowly through traffic, with the female resting her head on the male’s back. When the two women approached the dogs to help them out, they were visibly nervous, but the male greyhound stuck with his sister instead of running away to safety.

The women quickly realised that the female greyhound was visually impaired because she had thin white films over both eyes. They eventually took the canine pair to the shelter where they work and ran a few health tests, confirming that she was indeed blind. Further tests revealed that the female became blind as a result of a virus, and that her condition might be treatable. It seems that the two pups have been abandoned and have stuck with each other since then, with the male acting as his sister’s guide, never leaving her side and protecting her from danger. Caregivers at the ‘El Refugio’ dog shelter have named the female ‘Blinder’, and her brother ‘Pisper’.


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  1. I cannot say enough what wonderful dogs these are. If anyone is looking for a pet, please consider adopting a greyhound. Such peaceful, affectionate, graceful friends.

  2. Adopted by a family of “white Hispanics”

    Couldn’t resist. Nice story! Grey Hounds really are nice dogs and so are their little cousins, whippets.

  3. One has to wonder why God, in his infinite wisdom, chose humans as the dominant species, while the dog displays so much more compassion, loyalty & love in its natural state.
    There has never been a finer creature put upon this earth, than a dog.
    It is anathema that humans dislike dogs; hence the muslims

  4. People can learn so much from dogs. A dog is truly the only creature who loves you more than it loves itself.

    After reading this, yes… the old waterworks don indeed, work.

  5. We have two ex-racing greyhounds and they are the sweetest, most gentle dogs on the planet. They spend most of the day on the couch, but when they do decide to turn on the speed. It can be breathtaking. These dogs make wonderful companions and I highly recommend anyone interested in adopting one contact a rescue group.

    Knowing these dogs’ natures, this story surprises me not at all.

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