Adam Kinzinger Threatens Violence Against Catturd – IOTW Report

Adam Kinzinger Threatens Violence Against Catturd

Over a Meme.

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  1. Well in typical libtard fashion (he’s not even a RINO) they always pick on women or the elderly, so might as well include animation, too.

    P.S.- I can’t stand that crying bitch.

  2. Adam Kinizinger – the disingenuous, little, pants-wetting, moisture-eyesing, token “republican”, limp-dick democRAT and worthless federal tit-sucking parasite comes out swinging…

    …his purse!

  3. Kinzinger, Using twitter as he did his mommy when he was in the 4th grade, “Mommy, they don’t like me and hurt my feelings.”

    Suck it up buttercup, your watered down, spineless threats are as humorous and pitiful as you.

  4. He had to invoke the “Warrior” status. Dude flew KC-135 tankers in over Iraq. And then landed in a nice protected safe zone. Did he ever get sand on his boots? Oh hell know. This guys family doesn’t even like him. He should probably learn to STFU.
    I think the cat could probably kick his ass. Fucker wears those skinny jeans. Enough said.

  5. I’ve not yet seen a picture of Zinzinger smiling. In his messed up liberal world, maybe smiling is frowned upon, so to speak.

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