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Colorado Mass Shooter Is Pronoun Challenged Non-binary


Anderson Lee Aldrich, the suspect who allegedly shot and killed five people and wounded at least 18 others over the weekend at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, according to a court filing on Tuesday night. More

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  1. It could merely be a legal ploy. However… the Left created the rule that anyone claiming ‘specialness’ must be accommodated in every way, so they absolutely must accept his claims.
    We have no such obligation. But we can certainly demand it of Leftists.

  2. Oops. This is not going according to the narrative, just like the Islamic killer Omar Mateen who killed 50 people and wounded 53 at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016. He identified as ISIS, and followed Mohammed.

  3. Need to chop off the Man Parts and not install Woman Parts. That way this person can be referred to as UNIC or IT because IT would be of neither sex.

  4. So, this queer shoots up those queers at at a queer watering hole and somehow non leftists are at fault? This is getting… queerer by the minute.

    Savage (not the loud boy queer from Seattle, the Radio guy) was apparently right, liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  5. “We have met the enemy and it is US”

    Or would that be “me/yous/thems” ??
    In the interim, can we/us just shut up and sit out?!

  6. Oops. He’s a creation of the Left, someone who’s oppressed and a victim of “hate.”

    This likely is the result of an argument between the Gay and Trans agendas. The “non binary” shooter probably got pissed at someone at the bar for disagreeing with his trans nonsense. Even gay guys at least know that they are MEN and not women.

  7. Bottom line, and the left knows this, if you prohibited any registered Democrat from owning guns, gun crimes would drop to zero in this country.
    AAAAAAND, we probably all saw this coming.

  8. @Danco

    I thought that it may be a lawyer’s ploy also. But I don’t know how that would help him.

    It would be a bit like the kid who murdered his parents and asked the judge and jury to empathize with him because he was now an orphan.

    Like the shooter would say “Ok I shot those fags, but I’m a fag too, so I’m innocent”.

  9. Wait. According to Marxist Utopian ideal scenarios, leftist protected classes, (ex. LGBTQ+) don’t commit “hate” crimes against each other – especially within a protected class. Obviously, that’s not true.

    A LGBTQ+ serial killer, LGBTQ+ victims and a LGBTQ+ “hero”.
    Makes you go…hmmm.

    LGBTQ+ better wake up. They’re being targeted by global oligarchy who consider them inferior. The left have decided their unstable mental issues makes LGBTQ+ unreliable and expendable.

    Mass shootings, including LGBTQ+ will continue, because they are manufactured chaos tactics of the left.

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