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Adam Schiff Given a Real San Francisco Welcome

San Francisco Chronicle

Hello to the city, goodbye to your luggage. That was Senatorial candidate Adam Schiff’s rude introduction to San Francisco’s vexing reputation for car burglaries Thursday when thieves swiped the bags from his car while it sat in a downtown parking garage.

The heist meant the Democratic congressman got stuck at a fancy dinner party in his shirt sleeves and a hiking vest while everyone else sat in suits. Not quite the look the man from Burbank was aiming for as he rose to thank powerhouse attorney Joe Cotchett for his support in his bid to replace the late Dianne Feinstein in the U.S. Senate. More

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  1. He’ll probably have the perps stuffed and displayed as a reminder to the rest.

    Other than making sure it never happens to him again, geetting his stuff stolen is more proof that their plan is working as designed…

  2. Imagine the disappointment when they opened the bags and found nothing but debunked and worthless document linking Trump and Russia. That my friends is Adam Shiff’s baggage.

  3. …I love how the chick to his right just keeps pounding chicken down and ignoring the hell out of this ass…but since it’s an echo chamber and lefties are never creative, it’s probably crap she’s heard a thousand times before…

  4. Adam Schiff Given a Real San Francisco Welcome

    Sorry, but no. A real SF welcome would have been if a gang of perverts in demonic nun habits dragged him into an alley in the Castro and boned him in the ass until his guts fell out.

  5. Hanoverfist
    FRIDAY, 26 APRIL 2024, 15:22 AT 3:22 PM
    “Schiff’s staff couldn’t find a suit on short notice in San Francisco?”

    Finding a suit wasn’t the problem; they couldn’t find a dress shirt with a size 10 neck.

  6. Shifty could have ordered a dozen suits as replacements from a local men’s clothing store in San Francisco. He’s just a cheap, flaming drama queen who never let’s a so called “crisis” go to waste.

  7. 99th Squad Leader, I’m not sure men’s suits are made anywhere, now.

    All of my suits, but three, were made in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s, in the US. Hungarians can make a beautiful suit that is the most uncomfortable balls squashing suits…

    What the hell was I talking about?

    Oh yeah, only the US tailors, who are gone, could make proper suits.

  8. Erik, no kidding. Not married for a long time, so I’m clueless about men’s clothing. Thanks for the update.
    Still, that jerk is connected and has plenty of money to find a suit in time for that dinner party. He just loves attention.

  9. I wonder…did the demorats stage this robbery so pencil neck could show how can handle a problem? What moron leaves a bag in plain sight,in a car, in Sanfanrobo?


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