AFSCME, SEIU, And NEA Threaten Walkouts If BLM- Friendly Reforms Not Instituted

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Unions representing millions of workers, from teachers to truck drivers, pledged to ramp up protests in the leadup to the presidential election, with walkouts aimed at forcing local and federal lawmakers to pass police reform and address what they described as systemic racism.

In a statement first shared with The Associated Press on Saturday, labor leaders from America’s biggest public and private sector unions said they would organize walkouts for teachers, autoworkers, truck drivers and clerical staff, among others. More

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  1. Fire their asses if they strike just like Reagan did with the Air traffic controllers union strikers. I despise public employees unions. If you don’t work or refuse to work you lose your job, it’s as simple as that.

  2. …with the Teachers Union in particular, it’s actually very NICE of the BIGGEST problem with schools offering to walk out of schools of their own volition and let us repopulate those VERY expensive buildings with people who ACTUALLY want to teach, you know, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rythmitic instead of race hate, gender confusion, and communism..

  3. My father noted about 40 years ago, that when a group of people go on strike too often, their jobs are for the dust bin of history. Examples are the plasterers’ union (drywall was invented in the late 1950’s), the longshoremen (changed to container shipping), milk men (dairy is now sold in grocery stores), in Canada, the post office- with the last threat of a strike in 2016, businesses changed to payments by direct deposits to their suppliers, as the businesses were already receiving the invoices by e-mail.
    I truly think the social landscape after the scamdemic, will be quite different than the authorities had thought. Just my humble opinion.

  4. I’m sorry, was there a threat here somewhere? All I read was an answer to my prayers. Go ahead mofos, cut your own throat.

  5. …all the ex-Union guys I work with lost their jobs because the unions wanted too much. In some cases, like with Hostess, they simply shut the businesses down,in others they locked the unions out and hired permanent scabs. My current employer moved from another state to get away from their union, and when the stupid and useless UFCW (whom I know about from some former members) showed up in their Obama T-shirts to try to organize our Africans and Latin Americans HERE, the Company made it clear that if it was organized on a Monday it would be shut down on Tuesday, and on its way to Texas by Friday. I knew the leadership then, and they were NOT kidding.

    The foreigners didn’t want anything to do with the union guys anyway, especially the Cambodians. The ones that fled from the Khymer Rouge seemed to have some insight on where Communism ends that their American counterparts lacked, for…some reason…

  6. So let’em walk out. The short term damage caused by union hissy fits is far less damaging than the long term effects of stupid politics.

  7. I suspect that most of the time the rank and file (with the possible exception of Teachers Unions) aren’t very political in nature but their union stewards as well as all the senior positions all the way up the union executive to the top are left/progressive and regularly lie to the members to provoke confrontations. Trump needs to call their bluff and let them know that democracy in the country will not be dictated buy union thugs whether they carry a bat or a pen. Make a real fight of it and if some go on strike (especially federal public ones) be ready to go Reagan on their asses. At least half (likely a lot more) of the population will support him and with he and McConnell doing yeomans service in filling federal judge vacancies the left can no longer count on automatic judicial support.

  8. what exactly is this “systemic racism” they speak about?

    systemic racism in a country that just had a two term black president ?

    how could this be ?

  9. Mr. President,
    Remember how Ronulous handled the air traffic controllers? Now is YOUR chance to correct many past wrongs. Let the “strike” then, “FIRE” ’em ALL!

  10. What if you walked out and nobody noticed?

    The Dempanic put 30 Million people out of work and everything kept humming right along. Pretty sure that AFSCME, SEIU, and NEA are expendable – as are their membership. They contribute NOTHING to America, the World, or the Universe. In fact, they are a pestilence.

    If they disappeared no one would notice.

    Yeah, President Trump should pull a Reagan.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Isn’t “systemic racism” defined by the eye of the beholder?
    All statistics show that white people are the majority of those who may get killed in some sort of perp/police-related interaction. With that being the case, are they asking that the police treat minorities with less force than they use on white people? I don’t get it.

  12. Three communist entities pretending to be labor unions
    endorsing another communist entity pretending to be a
    minority rights front.


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