After D-Day disaster in France, will Dems yank Joe off the ballot? – IOTW Report

After D-Day disaster in France, will Dems yank Joe off the ballot?


By now, the world is accustomed to watching Joe Biden make one embarrassing blunder after another. He stumbles, bumbles, and fumbles his way through the day, while our propaganda media turns a blind eye, portraying him as a stalwart, seasoned politician whose age symbolizes wisdom and experience. Meanwhile, these same media frauds claim President Trump is “senile.” This is just another blow against what’s left of the regime media’s credibility. However, the media can’t even help Joe now.Lately, his blunders have escalated from routine senility to outright catastrophes. That’s precisely what unfolded in France during the D-Day event with President Macron. The entire situation turned into a political debacle that played out in front of the world, leaving many to wonder if this is Joe’s D-Day, and Democrats are now getting ready to yank him off the ballot.

The nightmare unfolded on stage with President Macron and his wife. Joe and Jill were in France to commemorate D-Day, but instead of honoring the brave men who stormed the beaches and changed history, Joe Biden pulled some bizarre moves that were so inappropriate they prompted his top “handler,” Jill Biden, to quickly escort him away. This left Macron and his wife completely baffled. MORE

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  1. I’m ow there are a number of people here who are no a fav of Viva Freí, but he does have some very good points here.

    We can’t fall into the trap as leftists such as when they say that Trump called racists and neo-Nazis “fine people,” or to inject bleach to fight COVID, or that all Mexicans are rapists and murderers.

    We should call the left out when they deserve it (which is quite often), but we can’t make stuff up, either.

  2. I have a dream… when the old bastard finally falls off his perch and they put his casket on the caisson, that instead of a horse they use a braying jackass to pull it all the way down to the Potomac river.

  3. Whoopdy horseshit.
    Shitpants has been a thieving, lying DUNCE his entire life. And they installed him as POTUS (!!!!!).

    They can take their gestures to distance themselves from him now and stick them up his favorite cavity.

  4. The democrats are stuck with him. Their convention in August will be a virtual one, so they can appoint him their candidate while avoiding the riots from Hamas sympathizers that would surely take place.

  5. I believe there are powers at work in the halls of government that want us to see how far gone Biden is, so that when we wake up on that fateful morning in early November 2024 and learn that we are about to face another four years of watching the world pretend that he’s the president, we will see just how powerful they are.

  6. What comes out of Biden’s mouth has a lot in common with what comes out of his diaper. Dump the loser, draft that worthless commie POS California governor so President Trump can sweep all 50 states.

  7. For the second time, it’s said Brandon soiled himself, although this time, the wrinkled noses of him and Macron lend credence as does the way Mommy pulls him off in the manner of an outraged mother.

    That’s another nail in the coffin as this time it’s all over the ‘Net.

  8. TN Tuxedo Friday, 7 June 2024, 13:14 at 1:14 pm

    I’ve been saying that for the last two years, but not quite so eloquently.

    That’s exactly what they are doing – rubbing our noses in the fact we can do nothing because they can do whatever they want.


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