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Al Gore’s “Meat” Went Bad This Week

P.T. Barnum had it right when he said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Today it’s former VP Al Gore who’s been trying to shear the rubes, this time with fake meat producer, California based “Beyond Meat.”

Claiming that the vegan burger product would save us from climate change, just before the company’s initial public offering on May 2nd, Al Gore did his best to pump up the stock this spring. Here 

Gore was expected to rake in millions this last week after World Resource Institute put out a report encouraging everyone to eat less meat. Here 

Unfortunately for Al, the stock tanked instead. Here

It could have been analysis predictions that the over-stuffed offering would burn out. Here

It could have been the warnings from the Center For Consumer Freedom that finally caught up to the schemesters. Turns out all these meat alternative products are chocked full of chemicals from the factories that churn them out. Here

h/t Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson Tonight

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  1. I notice that Burger King is pushing a meatless Whopper. I wonder if Al Gore is dumping these patties in a desperate move to save his company. I can’t remember, iwas Burger King a friend of Clinton/Gore back in the 90s?

  2. Gore brought in well over a hundred million into his personal “Climate Fund” with the man-made global warming fraud (and continues to) one can but hope he gets stripped of some of that cash however I’m concerned his swarm of lawyers managed to insulate that money from this fuckup.

  3. I’ve had some vagitarian meals, they actually surprised me, especially the MREs. The meals were typically Italian styled dishes. The “meat” in them actually tastes like meat and has a similar texture.

    So after trashing BYND as a fad and watching the stock jump. I decided it was time to find out more about the product of meatless meat.

    I didn’t buy a package, instead i went to YouTube and looked for reviews. Apparently, the stuff is edible, but it in no way substitutes for meat. It was interesting to see a side-by-side cooking comparison. The ground beef patty cooks like any other beef patty with some shrinkage. However, the meatless patty fried up like a potato cake. It looked dried out and crumbly.


  4. Looks like Gore finally got “Gored” by one of his scams.

  5. What is one to expect from a future determined by a hanging chad?

  6. I get my meat the organic and all-natural way: from dead animals.

  7. Always good to see that lying schamster get bit.

  8. The vegans’ and soyboys’ efforts to make veg+chemicals look, and sorta/kinda feel and taste, like meat is a tribute to meat. The ersatz stuff represents the tacit acknowledgment of meat’s desirability to the human appetite, digestion, and nutrition.

    As for me, if somebody says, “Try this! It’s almost like meat!” I think I’ll just go ahead and eat met, the superior food.

    Somebody, somewhere, killed and butchered a steer to provide the delicious beef short ribs I had for dinner last night. Thank you, whoever you are!

    p.s. As for Burger King, assuming their chosen branding character reflects the executive management of the corporation, they’re being run by a pack of drooling idiots.

  9. A turdburger, for the turdburglar – PERFECT! 😆

  10. Hustling for mo’ money! Who cares how you get it or what the repercussions are, just get it. That way you can thumb your nose at everybody.

  11. Stock price may have dropped a lot from its high but it is far above the offering price. A friend works there as a food engineer and did very nicely with her options, don’t expect she will sell until next year when the price will have stabilized and she can pay capital gains taxes instead of income taxes.
    Not my cup of tea, but business is booming. Algore is just a distraction.

  12. Skewer al gore, roast him and serve him at a global warming party.

  13. @Anonymous (12:46 PM):

    Skewer al gore, roast him and serve him at a global warming party.

    Be mighty careful! Turn him constantly and don’t let the fire get too hot. Roasting Al represents an EXTREME RISK of a fat fire.

  14. Beyond Meat, the transsexual of the meat world. It ain’t the same and I ain’t touching it! Not even with your tongue.

  15. Maybe he can score some Heinz 57 meat flavor-upper from his buddy Lt. Kerry…

  16. I am waiting for someone to market a sirloin steak that tastes like tofu.

  17. rebel media did brief thing about it.

    Basically, less protein, more fat, more sodium, more money.

    Highly manufactured & processed.

    Plus Al the Asshole Gore. Looks like a painted Fag to Me.

  18. Not unexpected, Al Gore’s brain went bad decades ago.
    The rotting process accelerated because to fight AGW refrigeration is verboten in his world.

    Oh, no wait. Al has a house or two that draws enough energy to power a small town. A/C is permitted to keep the rotted gray matter cool.

  19. Sounds like his Al Gore rhythm was a little off that time.

  20. If Gorey Al is promoting “vegan” meat, don’t be surprised if it’s more like Soylent Green.


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