Al Sharpton Versus the Teleprompter: Volume 3

Washington Free Beacon

h/t  The Right Scoop

13 Comments on Al Sharpton Versus the Teleprompter: Volume 3

  1. Some comic relief from the lunatic FD crowd.

    “What’s for dinner tonight, Rev?”

    “I’m glad you axed me that quession. Tonight I’ll be having pasghe, pasghet, ummm pasta with marina sauce.”

  2. The left made an AA street agitator president of the United States for petesake. It’s not perplexing they elevate another bumbling, less-literate, hyper-racist, murdering, coke-dealing imbecile as news anchor for their fellow Idiocrats.

    Can’t stand this bigot’s voice, his visage, his presence in our nation.

  3. One of the more gooder spokeserpeople of our hybrid-intellijunt, more brainiacal party.

    Good ole Revrum Al Sharton!

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