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Alan Dershowitz Slams Obama

Well, color me surprised. What a great statement.

Watch this and follow up with more from Blaze. “He called me into the Oval Office and he said ‘I have Israel’s back’ and I didn’t realize what he meant is to put a target on it and stab them,”

Edit: Changed featured image to a meme by PHenry! Thank you 🙂

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  1. Dershowitz endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election, and later endorsed the nominee, Barack Obama.

    So Dershowitz, when are you going to leave the Commie Marxist Democrat Party for good? Hypocrite just like all of your fellow members of your organization. Then you all wonder why people hate on the Jews.

  2. He probably considers leaving the Dems as a heretical act and he doesn’t want to be an apostate to the belief that being a Dem is being part of a religion.
    We may agree on this point but Dershowitz is never going to renounce Saint FDR or the other saints in the Pantheon of Liberals.

  3. LCD,

    Until they actually Speak Out against Demo’s & Promote CONSERVATIVES they are complicit.

    Remember to use their own rules against them, “SILENCE is VIOLENCE” etc.


  4. The first time I saw Obama on the TV news I concluded he was a liar and a phony fukk. Dershowitz is an idiot – which still matches the conclusion I first drew of him.

  5. Zonga, this is the best I’ve got. Choose:

    (a) He’s eating BBQ’d dog.
    (b) That’s a Wuhan bat with COVID.
    (c) A piece of a rotting golf bag.
    (d) Dead chef carcass.
    (e) He’s eating crow.

  6. That photoshop was made years before the Wuhan Red Death.

    Speaking of China though…
    Chris Plante was talking about the giant pandas being returned to China yesterday.
    They put them in FedEx containers and put them on FedEx planes to China. Now they are in Panda Express containers.

  7. I have concluded there are many “experts”, “authorities” and “intellectuals” who don’t know shit from Shinola. Before Jug Ears was elected I didn’t think the American people would elect an obvious con man with a name like Barack Obama with such a thin / hidden past. Boy, how wrong I was. As for Dershowitz, he’s always been a liberal hack.

  8. A little bit more and he will be full on red pilled he is almost their.
    Yes he is a liberal, but and old lib not cut from the new batch,there is a diff.
    I was in his camp years ago, but when you wake up you can not forget how wrong you were and become one of the lefts biggest foes.
    Do not forget he was one of President Trumps defenders in the impeachment shams in the house.

  9. Oh no, that son of a bitch never never never fooled me. He’s nothing but a Fuckn Headbanging Mo slim . Somebody ought to drop him off in Gaza and blow Him up with a hellfire missile


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