Alan Dershowitz touts his ‘perfect sex life’ in feud with Epstein accuser’s lawyer


Attorney Alan Dershowitz said he has the “perfect sex life” with his wife while defending himself against the lawyer representing one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers.

During an interview Thursday evening, Dershowitz castigated lawyer David Boies, who is representing Virginia Roberts Giuffre. A former Mar-a-Lago locker room attendant, Giuffre claims Dershowitz had sex with her while she was a minor after being recruited by Epstein.

“I have had sex with one woman since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein. I challenge David Boies to say under oath that he’s only had sex with one woman … He has an enormous amount of chutzpah to attack me and challenge my perfect, perfect sex life during the relevant period of time,” Dershowitz said to Fox News host Laura Ingraham. more here

8 Comments on Alan Dershowitz touts his ‘perfect sex life’ in feud with Epstein accuser’s lawyer

  1. Dersh is being attacked because he is in support of Israel and also thinks attacks on Trump are unjustified. However, he is a millionaire’s defense lawyer but who can defend him now? The dems and leftists will drown their own to achieve their aims. “sleep with the dogs and you wake up with fleas…” (Love the line he states that “Olga” the aged Russian masseuse injured him while he was in his underwear getting a rub-down at Epsteins place. LOL, truly 007 material).

  2. It’s he said he said at this point. Not that I’m a fan of Epstein or Dersh as his lawyer, but other lawyer is just trying to trash Dersh to get him to quit. Not really buying the accusations because of that.
    Even assholes have a right to a lawyer. They’re both creeps.

  3. Yup, you step off the democrat train, and you will get run over. Dershowitz was a loyal Clinton man, but the minute he let it be known that just maybe the press was a tad bit unfair to President Trump, he had a target on his back. Isn’t it curious that his is the only name named by the victim?

  4. Well… ‘perfect’ is relative, isn’t it?

    Did omar have a perfect sex life with her brother?

  5. Does “woman” refer only to adults?

    In fairness, I respect Dershowitz more than Boies. Which isn’t saying much.

  6. While I like what Dershowitz has been writing and saying about Trump during the last two years, I haven’t forgotten that he saved Claus Von Bulow from his just desserts. He also was a member of OJ Simpson’s Dream Team. Then, Dershowitz helped Epstein beat the law in his first Florida case. I don’t know anything about his “perfect sex life” but I do know that he represented a lot of guilty bastards in his pursuit of big legal fees.


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