Great Americans

Terrence K. Williams@w_terrence

They’ve threatened to shoot & kill me because I’m showing proof Trump is not a racist.

Black & White liberals are calling us Stupid N***ers for going to the WH

SO I’m Reposting this! Let’s make them mad
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  1. Democrats don’t like it when their nigeroes don’t show the proper appreciation to their masters.
    Do a study on how these “Woke” CEO’s treat their employees and you will begin to see the pattern.

  2. A negative can not be proved. Critical thinking is your friend.

    Mouthy leftists are not to be feared, for John Moses Browning foresaw you, and brought into existence a means for you to be their equal or better.

  3. Not surprised. Well, the shooting bit maybe since I thought they were scared of guns spontaneously doing violence.

  4. Check out Candace Owens rippin’ the snakey Ted Lieu and fatass Jerry
    Nadler new assholes. The girl is brilliant. Youtube got it.

  5. I’ve heard that. There was an argument, rather a row, I witnessed one day in the crew room.

    “They beat me for a decade because I wasn’t black enough!”

    “How are you not black?”

    “Look at me, you fucking house ni&&er!”

    And I was stuck there, spinning into infinity…

  6. Keith is the one who stated he wasn’t black enough. And, frankly, he would be considered a melding of Native American and Negro — just upon his cranial appearance.

    It was Chico who asked Keith how he was not black — and quite innocently so. And Chico is of no known provenance except G-ds, as we all are.

    So Keith immediately clutched upon THAT to state he (Chico) was a house ni&&er.

    I’m inclined to think that Keith was making a point… knowing that Keith and Chico are educated men.

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