Judge Dismisses Lawsuit from College Student Hit by Car While Protesting Trump

College Insurrection:

In November of 2016 right after the election, students at UC San Diego tried to take over a freeway at night while protesting Trump. A girl was hit by a car and then tried to sue the school. A judge just told her that’s not going to fly.

Update: Video is HERE.

h/t JD Hasty.

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  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    I had a friend who had a kid at University of Washington kid called asking for spare key to the vehicle dear ol dad had provided him and his friends with. This was during Desert Storm, and the kid and friends were out on I-5 protesting when the car key was lost.

    We got the spare key and drove up to Seattle and picked up the car… which was sold the following weekend and the kid’s insurance was cancelled. The kid was obviously too immature to have a vehicle.

  2. Flores…Flores. Now where have I heard that name before? Is she possibly a free loading Dreamer attached to the Flores settlement?
    Probably unlikely, although she appears to possess the same entitled grift.
    Arrived uninvited, encountered misfortune of her own making, blamed everyone but herself, and sued for damages.
    A four-name Latina attending university in Cali (most likely 💯 taxpayer funded). I’m going out on a limb here, I’d bet she’s an undocumented martyr just here to enrich our nation.

    Oh and she was hit by someone without insurance. Fellow traveler?

  3. “The person that ran her over DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE and is judgement proof with NO ASSETS. Ms. Flores is left with no recourse for catastrophic physical injuries and a lifetime of medical expenses,” he said.

    * * *

    You know what the irony here should be.

    Yeah, you know.

    Was that a Camaro? Maybe she can sue GM.

  4. It’s a hard lesson to learn — being responsible for oneself.

    Going for the deep pockets is no way to live.

    And there are people fighting to give teenagers younger than her the vote.

  5. bet you anything she is a DREAMER here illegally and since guy who ran her over had no insurance and assets, he was also likely and illegal alien.


  6. I guess I’m going to hell because every time I watch that video I laugh my ass off. Assuming she was hit by an illegal makes it even more delicious.

  7. “In particular, the complaint alleges that the early morning demonstration was “organized” by the university. That can’t be correct, can it?

    An attorney friend explained it to me. Sullivan’s theory, he said, “is that the resident advisers encouraged students to protest Trump’s election, and therefore the university ‘organized’ the protests by acting through its employees.””


  8. The sad part is this accident will give her a better education than she will probably ever get from the university.

  9. It would hold more weight had the school said she MUST participate or get an F or some nonsense. But it seemed like she was free to NOT go on the freeway. They should have all been fined for littering at the very least.

  10. I had no idea that some people might actually “go play on the freeway” if you told them to. Thought it was just false hope.

  11. Larry the Liberal: it is not dissent to stand on a freeway. It is stupid. It is also illegal. It is also a hazard to drivers who could be injured or killed trying to avoid the moron. It interferes with any emergency response vehicles. Next time please, why don’t you stand on a roadway and I promise to slow down for you.

    Read the Constitution! We can peacefully (and legally) assemble to protest.

    Oh yeah and antifa is a domestic terrorist group.

  12. Whenever there is something big to protest, students from the University of Washington close I5 to protest. A few years ago the WSP decided that it was tired of playing that game, so when students went onto I5 they almost got run over. They got off the freeway real quick.

  13. “Get the fuck off the highway!” was uttered AFTER she got hit. Don’t know why. If you’re not willing to be killed by a collision, then why be out there?

    My eldest son’s chickens have higher IQ’s.

  14. After the 2004 gubernatorial election theft, actually while it was progressing, I suggested that we all hitch up our travel trailers, utility trailers, arc welders, cement mixers, boat or just fire up the RV and head into downtown Seattle and drive around for a week. Just legally motoring around downtown. They would not be able to unload the ferry, they would not be able to get food in, they would have been beaten and beat badly and using totally legal methods.

    Use their own damnable methods but raise the ante to the stratosphere. They like to gridlock traffic, show them that two can play at that game.

    Even a couple hundred participants would have locked traffic in the City of Seattle down tight as a tick.


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