Alan Grayson – Typical Leftist Lawyer Hypocritical Slime

Alan Grayson has been running a hedge fund that many of his colleagues say is a breach of ethics on multiple fronts.

Grayson breaks the rules by running a company that is


named after him, Grayson Fund, leveraging his position as a congressman to lend gravitas to his hedge fund business.

Grayson doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, and it gets worse.

Grayson travels the world on taxpayer money to scope out areas to include in his hedge funds. What areas meet his criteria? Areas that are in turmoil, where “blood runs in the streets.” He makes money off of wholesale misery.

The guy is a grade “A” scumbag.

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17 Comments on Alan Grayson – Typical Leftist Lawyer Hypocritical Slime

  1. This guy was born without the parts of the brain that acknowledge embarrassment and contradiction. Trust me, when he is indicted, he will be very upset and claim in a loud voice that he is innocent. I hope they put him in a cell with a guy who sweats a lot!

  2. what’s grayson done that the rest of his ilk have not done?
    he’s a piker compared to the clinton’s.

    they all belong behind bars.

    to bad the people interested in the punishing the ruling elites criminality are only “some” of the voters.

    the rest of the voters and the msm don’t care as long as they have the right letter after their names, d or r.

    our politicians are so low they can walk under whale shit and the voters don’t care.

  3. This is the essence of politics.
    Yes, he is a slimy piece of whale dreck.
    But that is the rationale for engaging in politics, in America, in the 21st Century.

    The Republic is dying and the vultures, maggots, and other assorted carrion-eaters can smell it.

  4. You guys are too nice…..Let me have at it.

    This guy is a loathesome piece of shit that deserves to be frog-marched to his jail cell, have the shit beaten out of him, feed him his last meal of a shit sandwich without bread (or water), then hook his ass up to Ol’ Sparky with a dry sponge and roll on 2 for about 5 long minutes.

  5. Look at his constituents. New Yoikuz dat moved to Flawwwwww-rida! They probably vote in both states and maybe 4 or 5 more along I-95. Birds of a feather and all dat.

  6. It’s worse than originally thought…Harry Reid said Grayson has no “moral compass”. Good thing I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that on a few minutes ago!

  7. When Sen. Geary calls you “unethical,” you’re TOAST!!! 😳


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