Alex Acosta Resigns


President Donald Trump announced Friday that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has resigned, a move that comes after furor over a plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein.Acosta has been under renewed scrutiny over his previous role as the US attorney in Miami, during which he negotiated the 2008 plea deal with Epstein. Epstein, a well-connected multi-millionaire, avoided a federal trial at the time and served only 13 months in prison for state prostitution charges over his involvement with underage girls. A Miami Herald investigation published last November described the plea deal, negotiated by Acosta, as the “deal of a lifetime.”Acosta, standing next to Trump outside the White House before the President departed for a trip, said he resigned to remove himself as a distraction.


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  1. Every single story about Epstein begins with President Trump’s name. Even on Fox. Nobody cared about Epstein until they thought they could connect him to Trump. They don’t even care that this will end up clearing Trump in the end. The game is to mention his name with every crime, scandal, world crisis or act of nature, to keep whittling a few votes here and a few votes there in 2020. In their minds, Trump barely won the 2016 election from the unlikeable Hillary, so all they need is a slightly more attractive candidate in 2020, and keep slinging the mud at our President.

  2. Rightly or wrongly I feel that this is yet one more example of how the Democrats are more loyal, better organized and understand the logistics of a united front much better than our side.

    Alex Acosta did absolutely nothing wrong, in fact, he was the one that demanded a stiffer sentence for the creep Epstein. The head prosecutor back in 2008 wanted only misdemeanor charges filed against Epstein because she had a weak case. Most of the victims did not want to testify. What we know now is different from could be proven back then, but it was Acosta who got the felony conviction, it was Acosta who got him registered as a sex offender and it was Acosta who got the pleading to allow for the victims the avenue to sue Epstein in federal court for his crimes. At the time it was the best deal they could get.

    Although Trump says it was Acosta’s decision to resign, I don’t buy it. He claims to be the alpha dog, the persuader in chief, he demands loyalty from his crew yet I feel like he left Acosta flapping in the wind. If this was a Democrat issue, all the wagons would have been circled to protect their guy. Trump says Acosta is a good man, well, stand by him, get all those GOP nattering naybobs so worried about a #me too backlash in line. When you did nothing wrong and you allow the opposition to frame the narrative and put you wrong by consensus, you are spineless and undeserving of support.

  3. Good, he should never have been hired in the first place. Anyone involved in providing Epstein a free pass should not be taken seriously for anything.

  4. Guess the “free press” found something on someone Acosta cared about and threatened to report it globally if he didn’t agree to be the fall guy for yet another example of cuntish behavior by democrat country prosecutor in Palm Beach, FL who simply refused to press any charges against Epstein at the time.

  5. Epstein was apprehended at Teterboro Airport (NY/NJ port authority). Seemingly a very clean arrest without interference.
    (the Sopranos did a lot of filming nearby in the NJ Meadowlands)
    Evidentially Mr. Epstein hadn’t “collected” airport law enforcement as well as he’d thought.

    “The airport fiercely guards the privacy of its customers. Discretion is one of the reasons many choose Teterboro, Mr. Stephen said. Celebrities and business executives can slip undisturbed from the plane to the private terminal to a black car bound for the city.”

  6. Then all those dickhead Democraps that took copious donations and hung out with Epstein should also resign! Chuckie Scammer anyone?

  7. Tony R, if you google “Epstein Clinton”, Trump’s picture pops up way before Clinton’s, and the first link you see is “Trump and Bill Clinton Worry About Creepy Jeffrey Epstein Connection.”

    Yesterday, it was worse; No Clinton pics at all, just row after row of the same three pics of Epstein and Trump.

  8. Rick @11:27 –
    …and the surgically removed face of an eight-year-old girl.
    These are sick people.

  9. Any reason we need the Labor department? Maybe the whole damn place should be shut down. We’re bankrupt. Time to pare the government down to absolute bare essentials, pay off our debts.

  10. Menotu – What free pass did Epstein get? 13 months in prison, sex offender reg, and millions in compensation to victims.

  11. I can’t recall the name but there was a conspiracy website everybody here bashed that was all over this. Remember when Bad Brad was following it? Thought it was a Gov’t insider.

  12. At the present trajectory, Epstein’s trial will occur right in the middle of the 2020 presidential campaign. Epstein can and will say anything he (or Comey’s daughter) want him to say on the witness stand, whether provable or not. I have a very bad feeling about the timing of this whole stinking affair, and the people behind it. The Miami Herald has a whole series on this by an investigative reporter who sounds like a never-trumper.

  13. @Nowut Ameen – The 13 months in “prison” – he was allowed to leave each and every day for work. The “prison” was a cushy private wing of the Palm Beach County Jail. Not really an “incarcerated in the big house” experience, more of an inconvenient night stay at a really bad hotel – he got to leave for the day on his own. Please don’t tell me that was a proportionate punishment.
    Sex offender registration: he has his own personal island. How much do his neighbors there care about a sex offender registration? Who would they call when they see women of any age being transported to the island? I have no doubt that his friends in Hollywood consider the registration a badge of honor and I am certain that no one he visits in Europe cares.
    I read that he paid 3 people – out of over 2 dozen victims. 1M, 2M, & 2.5M. A drop in the bucket for a billionaire. Tongue in cheek baseless accusation – I bet he was able to get the money from the Clinton Foundation to pay the victims – no personal money left his hands.
    Please tell me that you aren’t defending someone who has committed statutory rape?


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