Alex Stein Trolls Target by trying on ‘Tuck Friendly’ bathing suit in store – IOTW Report

Alex Stein Trolls Target by trying on ‘Tuck Friendly’ bathing suit in store

PM: Alex Stein, comedian and host of The Blaze’s Prime Time with Alex Stein, put on a suit and tie and took himself to the Pride section of Target to try on “tucking” bathing suits.

He checks the label of the pastel and rainbow colored suit, and it does indeed promise “extra crotch coverage.” He checks in with store employees, who take it all in stride but have the good sense to be at least a little bashful about the undertaking.

Stein enters the dressing room and emerges wearing the “tuck friendly” women’s suit. After a turn before the camera, he takes his new look out to the sales clerks to get their response.

“Extra coverage,” she shows them, “that’s awesome.” They ask if he heard about the product on TikTok. more

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  1. Geoff– why? Because this isn’t about keeping everything “in place”. This is about grooming CHILDREN to be LGBTQ. Target needs to go the way of Disney and Bud Light. This is pure EVIL.

  2. Brown Eyed Girl, amen I agree with you 100 %. If anyone ever dares try to tell my 4 granddaughters and my 1 grandson that they’re not girls or a boy, there is going to be hell to pay, first from my son and my son in law and then from me as their grandfather. There is absolutely no friggin excuse for this demonic bs. And we’re a week away from pride month which I hate with a passion. And then comes the equally hated bs, bogus, politically correct black holiday of Juneteenth. June 1 was my parent’s anniversary, my mom’s birthday and my son’s birthday as well. Fuck the left, they have so bastardized everything good as to make it almost totally worthless. God is still in charge, and they make like they are but they are due for one hell of a comeuppance for mocking God and his perfect creation. And the Dodgers can go to Hell right now for their ungodly support of all this pride bs. I saw an STA bus this morning that said Happy pride on its sign, these bastards need to just to go way and leave us the hell alone.

  3. Anymouse AT 9:09 AM
    “Found it difficult to watch…..” Making people uncomfortable with this B/S is the point. Make it so bad for big corporations, that they to go away licking their privates.


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