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It’s Nice Doing Things With Family

Killer whales learn to sink yachts off Gibraltar

h/t Brad.

Yahoo! – A vengeful killer whale called Gladis is teaching gangs of orcas to attack yachts around Gibraltar, and has already struck three boats – sinking two of them.

It may read like something out of Moby Dick, but in this case the truth is stranger than fiction.

Researchers believe that a female orca called White Gladis is seeking revenge after being traumatised by a collision with a boat, or being trapped in illegal fishing nets.

Her attacks are now being copied by the rest of the nearby killer whale population, which has learnt how to ram vessels from their ringleader.

The matriarch is tutoring younger whales in the art of sinking boats; raising the prospect of future generations continuing the war on humans for years. more

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  1. “A vengeful killer whale called Gladis.”

    How do they know her name; whales can’t talk!

    Then they call her “White Gladis”, even though she’s black. Because only a white whale could be so evil, right?

  2. I don’t have a problem with this

  3. Tony R: Gladis had a meeting with the folks in charge and demanded that she be called “White Gladis” because her gang of dindu orcas identify as white orca supremacists. Nobody messes with an orca, let alone a trio of large males. This is a fun story! I fully support the orca’s message. I’m going to Alaska, I hope to see some orca’s.

  4. Well, just teach them to sink the boats full of “migrants” and to “Bump & run” what it carries. No more migratory invasion problems.

  5. There she blows!
    No, not Kamala Harris this time.

  6. america needs an on-land equivalent @ the border

  7. Send them to congress.
    I heard Democrats taste like chicken.

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The Orca Mafia is being formed.
    “Nice boat ya gots der. Shame if anyting happened to it, ya-knows-wats-I-mean?”

  9. make john kerry the orca liason he has a yacht

  10. Weren’t there any orcas in the Mekong Delta that could’ve taken john effin kerry out during the Vietnam War. DARN! I’d bet that democraps taste like really bad, greasy fried chicken of the worst kind.

  11. Democrats do not taste like chicken. They taste like shit. But do not ask me how I know this!

  12. “Well, just teach them to sink the boats full of “migrants” and to “Bump & run” what it carries. No more migratory invasion problems.”

    Hey, that’s a good idea.

  13. Maybe John Kerry can get James Taylor to sing YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND to the whales as a peace gesture!

  14. Throw in Carole King and you have a duo. No thanks, I used to like James Taylor back in the early 70s, now he’s just another overrated ex-junkie hack. There is nothing peaceful about a killer whale.

  15. I’d like to give them a list of potential targets, beginning with Leonardo DiCaprio and John Kerry.

  16. And then there was the sentient sperm whale in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy who suddenly appeared high in the sky and fell to the Earth landing in a sentient bowl of petunias who thought, “Oh no, not again.” I love the absurd humor of Douglas Adams.

  17. No yacht owners eaten?
    The Orcas need to up their game.

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