“All that matters is that Trump was the media’s Designated Enemy and yet he won.” – Zombie

I was often maligned by some readers when I said Trump was my anti-Hillary/left-wing candidate. It wasn’t enough for them, they felt as if I was doing a great disservice to a great conservative candidate. But it wasn’t important to me if Trump was an actual conservative or just playing one on TV. I didn’t want to get mired in that debate, possibly stealing the power of our bull, sidetracking us into a debate about our great beast that shouldn’t have needed explaining.

There was a time when I was worried that Trump could fracture the right, but it was a gambit that, ultimately, was well worth it for me because I knew Trump, whatever he was/is, would fracture the left if he won. That was the goal – Trump winning. Trump destroying. The left losing.

If Trump governs like a conservative, that’s all gravy at this point.

The divide in the right was between those with long-term vision and the short-sighted myopics.

The myopics are still out there, having learned nothing, still pining for a different candidate, convinced that this theoretical candidate would have won, not appreciating the magnitude of what Trump represents right here and now. That’s unfortunate.

I wish they would stop with the childish rhetoric,  childish nicknames, and maligning the man who’s thrown a huge monkey wrench into the marching leftist machinery. We owe him/and those that voted for him, a debt of gratitude, not 5th grade atomic wedgies and ridicule.

Yes, by all means, let’s all act like sentinels, governing the governor and making sure he stays on an acceptably right-wing path. But can some of you at least muster up the dignity you claim Trump doesn’t possess?  Trump is a much bigger historical moment than you realize and it’s a shame that you’re missing it while you shoot spitballs.

Here are excerpts of a beautiful Zombie essay, penning ideas in a way I wish I could articulate. I recommend you read it all.

Zombie- Thanks to Trump’s history-shattering victory, we now know that the Gramscian model and the Frankfurt School model don’t work. Every single thing the Left has done since the 1950s has been catastrophically wrongheaded and misconceived. It has all backfired.

…November 8, 2016 happened, and BOOM: It was all revealed to be a lie. Not only did the indoctrination fail, but the general impression that the relentless indoctrination had always been successful was itself a gigantic meta-deception.

All the chatter and statistics and talk show “experts” proclaiming that America had forever swung Democratic? ALL LIES.

All the slanted polls, which were intended to convince everyone that Hillary was inevitable? ALL LIES.

The derision of Trump as a ludicrous fringe candidate and his supporters as wild-eyed extremists? ALL LIES.

And it’s not just that they were all lies — they were lies that had no effect. Somehow, without anyone noticing, a majority of the American populace had evolved a new immunity to progressive disinformation.

…Trump’s victory is so historically significant: It is a major paradigm shift in the arc of history that completely destroys the leftists’ long-term game plan, past, present and future. To such an extent that now we’re playing an entirely new game with entirely new rules.


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  1. well done. Stealth communism is a good description of liberalism, but i dont fell he gave enough or any credit to the internet. It helped to expose the lefts weakness, its lies.

  2. BFH,

    Great article.

    I have supported the GOP for a very long time. I was there working in 2010, 2012, 2014, & 2016. I was flabbergasted that no matter how well we did in each successive election, nothing was changed and BHO was never confronted. I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something wasn’t the way it was presented.

    This site was a great support for me in the Dark Age of BHO.

    I think the turning point was in 2015 when you posted a link to CTH and Sundance explained why he was supporting Trump against the establishment. I always thought I understood the political situation in the country, but that was an eye opener. They fooled me. I felt played….used and abused, but it all fit what we had witnessed. Uncle Al was right when he said the system was rigged and that why he didn’t vote.

    I got over my embarrassment and have tried to educate friends and family. We all committed ourselves to victory and by the Grace of God, this nightmare is ending.

    Moving forward, we all need to stay on guard and work to clean up congress and government in general. We can celebrate, but like rust, the left never sleeps, and we need to stop their corrosive effect on all American institutions at all levels.

    Thank you and all the IOTWR gang for keeping my spirit up. May God bless you and your family this holday season and may the new year bring you all happiness and prosperity.

  3. @charlie

    the internet was the game changer. and bernie was a bonus. plus every time someone shouted to bill c. that he was a rapist. my fav was her 9/11 calypso dance at the van.

    we will never see another election like this one.

  4. This is war.
    In war there is only one rule – fight dirty, or lose.
    Trump fought dirty.
    We must learn from him and take that strategy to every level of government and culture.

  5. I hope I live long enough to read history books about this election. It’s not that I’m coming close to the end, but at 60 ya never know for sure. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that my kids know where I stood on this. One thing that can’t be denied is that President Elect Trump is kicking ass right now.

  6. I was on the Trump train on June 16, 2015. Watching Trump announce his candidacy I knew in my gut that he was a patriot and his promises were sincere. I told BHF that this is Trump’s last chapter in life. A man who has accomplished as much as he has and with as big an ego as he’s accused of having, would not want to be remembered as a failure who couldn’t deliver on his promises to the American people or that lied to get elected.

    I’m now reading Don Surber’s “Trump The Press:How the Pundits blew the 2016 Republican Race”. Every pundit, operative, consultant, politician, pollster WDC janitor called him a clown and worse. Every one of their astute prognostications is reported in that book and I want to remember the names of each one of those roostersuckers.

  7. Fur, you, & Zombie, have articulated above, all I have thought, ranted, posted, spouted to friends, relatives, strangers & the tv much better than I have …. get on board, or get run over

    well played indeed

  8. @Jetho

    I think one thing I did different this year is a confronted A-holes when they started to spew anti-conservative talking points in front of me. No more free shots against my candidate when your with me. If you don’t like it, hear me too or leave.

    As for Trump, I don’t think he was dirty. He just exposed the facts in ways that no previous candidate had ever had the balls to do. He didn’t send out rent-a-mobs to start riots like HRC and the organizer.

    He played the MSM like a fiddle. They had no love for him and slandered him. How many times did they attack him in an attempt to get him to drop out. I lost count. Being self-funding he could do what a no other pol could do, and that is get up and keep going. He didn’t need donors in the primaries.

    Has anyone ever seen a candidate that worked as hard as PE Trump? How many different cities? Do 4 rallies in 4 states in a day. I expect great things from this man. He has drive. Very high energy.

    I now sleep well at night.

  9. … one other thing ….
    as you said, if Trump governs anything as a conservative, it’s all icing on the cake … but, remember one thing: he has promised to appoint strict Constitutionalists to the SCOTUS

    … the opposition candidate would have appointed judges to further the Police State … & the Leftists are fine w/ that

  10. The left used Alinsky’s Rules for Radical as their playbook, and when their plans were foiled, they had no idea how to respond, other than childish whining and stompy foot tantrums. They don’t have anyone smart enough to initiate any kind of response or even a way to rebuild. They’re screwed.

    They were so convinced that they had it made, that even Hillary took it easy during the campaign. All she did was pander to the rich for funds, call half of American voters deplorables, and take plenty of naps. Her loss must have been like a baseball bat to the face. It messed her up so bad that she can’t even articulate a good defense for her loss other than to blame everyone but herself.

    Personally, I don’t care what Trump does in office, as long as he puts America first.

  11. Some on this site maligned you because this site went full Trump well before the primaries were over. Please do not forget that hind site is 20/20. If the other guy had won, what would you be saying now? I called for the other guy to withdraw after NY, you were waiting for Indiana. As far as I can tell, the #never crowd is so insignificant at this point they don’t even deserve a mention.

    BTW, I will continue to support Trump, but I will also continue to call him out when he is wrong. He played a part in my Governor not being re-elected when he told the world on GMA that North Carolina should have “left it the way it was” and then let Bruce Jenner piss in the chicks room in Trump Tower. My state will pay a heavy price for that idiocy. Cooper got millions in out of state money on that one.

    Let’s continue to play nice, but don’t ever leave your wing man.

  12. This whole “refugee” thing is obviously the worldwide left’s knee jerk reaction to their citizenry’s awareness and gaining political clout.
    They realized their time in control was short lived and they thought the only way to keep in control was to rush in hundreds of thousands of new welfare vote slaves.

  13. Here’s where the left goes off the rails and always will: In order to achieve the great Marxist utopia they profess to strive for, where all proceeds from the means of production are equally distributed among the masses, they advocate for the few to have complete, undisputed, total, authoritarian, dictatorial control.

  14. Great essay!

    Although I was for Trump since about this time last year, I didn’t appreciate the breadth and depth of the change he represented — not entirely. I was so focused on simply beating Killery that my vision was cast into next week, next couple of days, next couple of hours, at times. It wasn’t until his Gettysburg speech and, later, his Missouri (I think) speech that my eyes flew wide and I said, “I’ll be damned! He does actually intend to make America ‘greater than ever before’.” And then it took — and is still taking — time to fully understand what that means, because I’ve never lived in an America that is better than ever before. We’ve been living in a state of managed decline for so long with really no substantial changes except the disappearance of our manufacturing base. Our claim to fame these days all revolve around so-called “social media” and increasingly expensive telephone products — all made in China. I cannot wait to see what America can do in this Trump renaissance.

  15. …forgot to add: The tick tock of the socialist Left has been brewing since long before the 1950’s. And certain of the media have always gotten it wrong on Communism — the NYT’s is a good example.

  16. ” It wasn’t until his Gettysburg speech and, later, his Missouri (I think) speech that my eyes flew wide and I said, “I’ll be damned! He does actually intend to make America ‘greater than ever before’.”

    I was confident where I thought he’d take us from the start. He has the experience, ability, and drive to accomplish most of what he says. I read some of the stuff being written about this guy, some of it Pro some against and realize the people doing the writing are so far removed from the average working stiff that they really don’t understand the attraction. Even the good articles seem to be scoring way outside the 10 ring. To much time on the key board.

  17. I forgot to mention the polls. The polls were not wrong, in fact, the polls were within 1 point, and that is pretty damn good! RCP had the nation average at Hiliary +2, and that is what she got. When you went state by state, RCP had the swing states pretty damn close as well. The polls were wrong only if you cherry picked them to agree with your desire. Yes. ABC and NBC had heavily weighted polls with Hiliary + 12 7-10 days out, but only idiots would believe that. Most of the historically reliable polls were right, and Trump knew that and campaigned based on them and won.

  18. “Arc of History?”


    Read Howe & Strauss’ The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – if you want a better understanding of history, and where we are going.

  19. BB — I guess I didn’t convey my astonishment very clearly. I knew from the beginning as well that he would make America great again, it’s the hyperbole of “making it better than ever before!” that escaped me. I grew up when America was pretty great but I’ve never seen “greater than ever before.” No one has. That’s the part that leaves me a little breathless. There’s always something, right? The Cold War, Viet Nam, oil shortages/gas lines, mass drug addiction, the entire universe of malcontent agitators, bad language in public, the inability of churches to talk about politics, you name it. We’ve all grown up with these things and more. Can you imagine that blacks living in ghetto poverty, off the largess of the welfare state, even have a glimmer of real hope for the first time in many generations? Incredible.

  20. Not wanting to fart in your parlor, Fur, but I don’t follow this:

    But it wasn’t important to me if Trump was an actual conservative or just playing one on TV. . .because I knew Trump, whatever he was/is, would fracture the left if he won. That was the goal – Trump winning. Trump destroying. The left losing.

    If Trump governs like a conservative, that’s all gravy at this point.


    This goes right back to my Spidey-sense about Trump (who I am still glad he won). IF he really is a leftist, then it’s inevitable that he’s going to govern like a leftist. To whatever degree that is, the Left will actually have won AGAIN, and we will have suffered the single biggest and irreversible defeat we will ever know because that will cause the final, end all, be all “Let It Burn” on the Right and conservatism will not only fracture but atomize. The Left will inherit and rule what’s left, with a retaliation for this embarrassment that will be crushing.

    But what alternative did we have, I ask myself? None. I know that. But if he really is a fake, then our present glee is simply the final euphoria of figurative oxygen-deprived giddy brain death before we flatline forever.

    Better hope Trump is for real now, if he wasn’t before. The alternative is the worst of all possible bad scenarios.

  21. Some on this site maligned you because this site went full Trump well before the primaries were over.>>>

    Absolute bullshit.

    I was writing posts about how Cruz still had a path to the nomination when pretty much everyone was throwing a Trump tantrum.

    Don’t rewrite history.
    We asked a contributor to STOP making anti-Cruz posts and he’s never come back.
    I asked Czar to stop making so many anti-Cruz bullpen stories.

    When the primaries were over I got on Cruz for being the a-hole he was being. And he was.
    You’d be happy with a Hillary victory???

  22. Trump did not win in spite of 6 decades of indoctrination or most of the crap the Zombie spewed. Trump won because Hiliary sucked as a candidate, campaigned like a lazy college student, and most of the people the guy at the link talked about never got their ass off the couch to go vote. If Elizabeth Warren were allowed to run instead of Hiliary, those people the zombie talked about would have gone to the polls. No, don’t be sucked in. Trump won because he ran against the worst candidate in American history. Hiliary made Mondale look viable.

  23. There is zero evidence based on his cabinet picks thus far that he is a liberal.
    This is getting pretty damn “out there” and entering the land of paranoia.

    He hasn’t picked one person that can be construed as a liberal. He has the house and the senate, a right-wing cabinet and a right-wing veep.
    What is this big fear?
    Trump is going to amass a right-wing mandate, a right-wing cabinet, a right-wing hill and just for shits and giggles start trying to dictate with a phone and a pen like Obama 2.0?

    Put away your hatred for this guy, it is clouding your sense of reason.

  24. The site’s readership was decidedly pro-Trump because we are a right-wing site and the right-wing was overwhelmingly pro-Trump.
    What am I supposed to do, start banning people to make the site fair for the scant Cruz supporters?

    I played it straight until the writing was on the wall.
    If I were you I’d be more concerned with the sites that are still anti_trump.
    They are looking sillier and sillier with each passing day, waiting, stalking anticipating every faux pas that we reserve for hammering the left with.

    He’s amassing quite a right-wing hurdle for himself with the house, the senate, the cabinet, the governors, the state legislatures.. the dog catchers, in order to be this left-wing dictator.

  25. Regarding RCP,
    every time I said the RCP polls were wrong when they had Trump losing by double digits I was laughed at.

    How did I know Trump was winning?
    Because of two polls.

    There was an app developer that had millions of users. He put one simple question to his users.
    Who are you voting for?
    Trump won 70-30.

    The app developer was a lefty.

    Secondly, and Alan Dershowitz just did an interview talking about this, a pollster experimented by doing two separate polls in the same areas.

    When it was a human conducting the poll, Hillary won.
    When it was a robot doing the call Trump won by a bigger margin than Hillary’s.

    What did that tell them?
    People didn’t want to tell another human that they were voting for Trump.
    And who contributed to that environment?

    So I’d like to thank those shitheads for creating the environment (the shame of secretly backing “such an idiot”) that caught Hillary flatfooted and not thinking she had to campaign so hard.

  26. Fur, I don’t wish to be deliberately contentious and I’m sorry my point wasn’t clearer (if my post above was the issue). I’m hopeful Trump is who and what he says he is. That’s why I voted for him.

    The point was that the reaction of yourself and others *back then* to not care if Trump might not be conservative (because his victory would somehow neutralize the Left) made no sense to me. It still doesn’t.

    But here’s hoping it’s a moot point.

  27. I felt he was right-wing enough on key points, and his platform was markedly different than Hillary’s despite what some disgruntled anus chaffed bloggers maintain.

    I wasn’t interested in debating whether Trump was a conservative or not, because I knew he wasn’t Hillary. THAT was enough. As I said, above and beyond his key issues, being a great conservative will be gravy.

    Cruz would have been fine, too. Maybe better. But he had to win to get there.

    I’m not sure Cruz would have performed like Trump did. Who knows? Maybe, maybe not.

    (I didn’t work against Cruz until he began working against Trump.)

  28. Fur, I don’t wish to be deliberately contentious>>>

    Please do whenever you’d like to. I don’t mind.
    Uncle Al does it!!!


  29. Fur,

    There is almost nothing you wrote or Zombie wrote that I agree with other than the fact that Hiliary lost. Let me make this as simple as I can. Trump won because he ran against a horrid old lady that looked like a corpse. This election was like no other in my lifetime. Trying to think past that will hurt us in the future. Had Hiliary not rigged the primary, it is highly likely that we would be looking at President Sanders. I support Trump, but I am realistic as well. I hope to be just a happy to vote for him in 2020 as I was last month.

  30. “Trump won because he ran against a horrid old lady that looked like a corpse.”

    His saying things that resonated with disaffected Americans like us, things we’ve longed to hear a (R) say for DECADES, didn’t have anything to do with it? Come on, man, really?

  31. I swear, Menderman is going to beat that poor dead horse until all its little ponies and their little ponies are dead too. I can’t tell if he is jerking people’s chain or he is that hard headed. What the heck is it?

  32. Joe, I read the intro, read the entire article and expressed my opinion about both.

    What in particular that I said do you disagree with?

    and let me add, I’d never kill ponies.

  33. Trying to follow this bull shit argument by a few fucking “He’s A Lib” idiots are giving me a migraine too. Have you seen his CABNET? I guess typical appointments from a lefty. Glen Beck is looking for a few of you.

  34. Menderman, if anyone is guilty of jerking someone’s chain it is me. But that being said, Trump Derangement Syndrome manifests itself in different ways, and can go away and then flare up without warning. It can be a tough thing to shake. Merry Christmas and a Trumping New Year!

  35. When did RCP show Hiliary over Trump by double digits?>>>

    You’re talking about the RCP average.
    I’m talking about individual polls that were on the RCP site.
    They had plenty of polls showing Hillary with a 10 point lead and those are the ones that the NeverTrump people continually chose to point out when mocking Trump.
    Don’t play the doe-in-the-woods-game.
    NeverTrump people never said, “oh, Trump is only down 3.6 on the RCP average and that is within the margin of error. Perhaps Trump might win after all.”

    Your history rewrite is laughable.
    They would point to the polls that had Trump up and say they were partisan polls by Fox, or the LA Times poll was a farce.

    To see people on the right saying “those are crap polls by Fox”(sounding an awful lot like the left) was shameful.

  36. Menderman, I agree that Hillary was an awful choice of candidate. In fact, of the candidates the Democrats could have chosen from, the only surprise I had in Hillary’s choice was that she was singularly the worst. There was a margin wide enough to be an actual gap between Hillary’s awfulness and the next less awful (plural). Considering the Republican roster, though, at the time of Hillary’s selection, I can see why choosing not to make a choice and seeing if they could get away with Her, was a tempting gambit.

    However, I disagree that Hillary being so awful was the reason Trump won. It wasn’t the only reason, nor was it the most important reason. Trump brought a different assortment of tools to the field, than all the other candidates, Democrat and Republican (and Libertarian and Green, if you think they matter). That he was allowed to try them, in “production”, was historic. That they won, even against an “opposition” candidate whose “awful meter” was actually turned to 11, is also historic. It isn’t the end of history, again, but the win removes it from the realm of those who are paid to discuss such tests that failed.

  37. I believe our side was very fortunate to have Hillary as the opponent. Her campaign made disastrous mistakes and she herself was horrible. When I saw her spending millions here in Texas and also in GA, I was dumbfounded. Could Trump have beaten Obama if he could have run again? Obama sure ran good campaigns, give him that. Anyway, whatever. I think pretty much everyone here would have voted for Cruz had he gotten the nod.

    My takeaway is that REgressives still control education, the left dominated media and Hollywood. We need to build on the success we had in getting around the left dominated media.

    Akin to Regressives’ “Long March” we must do the same thing in education(here he goes again) Vouchers will enable parents to send their children to schools that yaknow, actually teach. With competition we will see a 1,000 different kinds of schools. Choice and the market will determine our children’s education, not REgressives in DC. There simply is no way in the world that a well educated populace would have elected Obama. He won because socialism is not dissected the way it needs to be. Instead of the incessant tearing down of American culture and history, a real world comparison of our system v say Venezuela would be the start of an excellent cirriculum.

    Trump has made this a central policy issue and you better believe the teachers’ unions noted this. We were lucky that REgresssives used false polling and their media talking heads to make it appear that Hillary was a lock. Otherwise that $1.2 Billion she spent would have been much greater and maybe even better spent.

    As for the sewer culture, that’s going to be tough. But again, well educated children that I’ve seen generally are immune to that crap. It sure didn’t stop the REgressives over 100 years ago when they set out though did it?

    In short, as someone else noted, this is just the beginning. I’m not discounting the win and Trump is certainly putting together a very different group of people that we would have seen with Hillary(to say the least) but this conflict is no where near over as Zombie seems to infer.


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