Allah is a gay God

Lauren Southern set up a table in Luton, England with a sign and leaflets announcing Allah was a gay God. She did this because Vice put out an article making the case that Jesus was gay.

No riots, no banning or boycotts, no marches, and certainly no Charlie Hebdo-like murders took place down at the Vice offices. This gave Lauren the idea to try it out with Islam and set up her table.

The police intervened and said it was offensive and shut her down because they feared “people” might get violent.

First of all, if you put up a booth that said homosexuality was a sin, they’d shut that down for being offensive. Meanwhile, if you say Allah is a gay God they shut you down for being offensive.

So which is it? How could saying God is gay be offensive, while simultaneously warning people that saying anything disparaging about gays is offensive?

Being so offended that your God was called gay that the police fear you may get violent is kind of a condemnation of gays, no?

Here’s the video


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  1. It’s obvious some of us are going to have to go back to the Motherlands of our respective ancestors and liberate them.

  2. If the people aren’t willing to free themselves from oppressive EU and European government, I will lend no hand to free the majority from the chains of totalitarianism they willingly wear.

  3. “Being so offended that your God was called gay that the police fear you may get violent is kind of a condemnation of gays, no?”


    The subject of “gay” being one of the most frequent ones that expose this. I jump on any use of gay in a derogatory way with them. They get so backed up. lol

    I run into this often with leftys and, especially, my most lefty friend. It’s funny at first, but he never gets what he’s doing. Then he thinks he’s a genius for coming up with the crazy thing he just said (bipolar can lead to believing anything that pops into his head).

    Example: With what he espouses about God, he takes a position that he knows God better than Jesus, but can’t see it until you point it out. Boy, was that a conversation ender when he ran into that wall. The look of cognizant dissonance on his face as he realized he couldn’t say he wasn’t taking that position was priceless.

  4. “It’s obvious some of us are going to have to go back to the Motherlands of our respective ancestors and liberate them.”

    I don’t know about that. My ancestors left them because the Motherlands were stupid assholes trying to run their lives. They don’t seem any different these days from this distance.

  5. England sure is a funny place.

    Not “Ha Ha” funny, either.

    They can’t see the irony? The hypocrisy?

    Phew. Shut out the lights. The Barbarians have taken over.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Letting them define terms lets them control language and, with it, thought, and so puts them halfway to victory before arguments are even presented.

    STOP using their language. It’s designed to be deception and camouflage and it works.

    STOP using “gay.” It is never, ever correct, not even as a description of their emotional states.

    START consistenly using the technically correct term “homosexuals” (they dislike it because it reminds everyone of the bright line between themselves and heterosexuals, which in turns automatically delineates natural from unnatural).

    Or START to use the morally correct terms “perverts,” “deviants” or “sodomites.”

    Either way, don’t cooperate. Use their own rulebook against them…control the language YOU use, don’t let them control it for you.

    Whatever term you use, call them what they are — not normal by any measure, and definitely not happy.

    When they argue or feign offense at your use of “homosexual,” tell them you refuse to use “gay” but also ask them why their offended by “homosexual.” Make them explain WHY it is wrong. Put them on defense — make them face the fact that men putting their penises into other men or women penetrating one another with sticks is unnatural.

    Go on offense.

  7. Well, the G-d of Abraham is both Allah as well as the G-d of Judaism and the G-d of Christianity, so the proposition that Allah is gay is not singling out one religion.

  8. You are so right grool. I do remember doing that in the 70s when I was first running into it, but people treat you like you’re a hater instead of reasonable.

    That’s one thing. What happens when you take back the rainbow and display it as a part of your art or something? They think you’re “gay” without a single word spoken.

    How do we get that back?

  9. Dad,

    “but people treat you like you’re a hater instead of reasonable.”

    That’s just another mind trick they’re playing. They KNOW you’re reasonable (the cognizant ones, not the cruel useless lunatics who just want a human god-authority to spoon them what to believe and who to punish), and THEY KNOW what they’re defending is unnatural. THEY KNOW, so let them know you know it too.

    If you find yourself in that situation again, all you have to do is push the issue of terminology and don’t quit – they’ll inevitably give up and label you a hater (which in their dark mind somehow = victory) but they’ll be 100% unable to refute what you say because in their hearts, THEY KNOW that they’re wrong.

    The rainbow thing isn’t worth fighting, imo. I don’t believe the visual lock is as widespread as they want people to think it is. Truth be told, it’s no different than people wearing a cross as jewelry — it’s a terribly profound object that has had all its true meaning stripped from it. Some people know that already…most don’t care and can’t be made to care.

  10. Allah has no son.

    God of the Bible has His only begotten Son.

    That right there means they cannot be the same being. One, therefore, is false. An idol.

  11. Quinn: Allah is actually an adaptation of a moon “god” that pre-dated islam. That is why the crescent moon is the symbol of islam.

  12. Unlike our FBI, there were just trying to keep her, and others, from being raped and murdered by the ever offended Muslims.

    You may not like it, but I for one would not like a car bomb going off in my neighborhood.


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