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Alligator Warning Issued for Those Wanting to Cross the Rio Grande


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has warned migrants of alligators in the Rio Grande river.

“Alligators are in the Rio Grande. FYI there are warning signs posted in some sectors. Cross at your own risk,” the Republican wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday. More

They look hungry, too. Here

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  1. The AP asked Abbott for comment?
    What’s he going to say?
    Ya, they heard there was foreign food available and just showed up, or I put out the call for any alligators who were looking for security work and we got some responses?
    Animals go where the food is and somehow they find it on their own.

  2. Last year I saw a remote control motorized alligators head for sale. Then I saw a person having a conversation with a police officer after spoofing people swimming in pond. This would be a help to stop invaders and cheaper than financing them with tax dollars.

  3. I don’t know why, but this conversation has suddenly reminded me of a Sports Fishing Trip my wife and I took shortly after we were married. It was out of Monterey Ca. Rock Cod primarily. Anyway we ended up a boat with about ten Japanese guys that couldn’t speak a lick of English. As soon as we cleared the break water they were all sea sick. Barfing their brains out over the rail. That continued until the shut the motors off and started the drift. They were still green in the face and not moving so well. Someone up the rail made some barfing noises and the all headed for the rail again. I have no idea what they were puking up at this time, but the guy up the rail would do it about every five minutes with the same results. It was hilarious. The never did wet a line.

  4. There must be a cannibal angle to this somewhere.

    Did New Guinea offer to handle the problem, but Abbott didn’t want more foreigners, so he called DeSantis to fill those staffing needs?


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