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Amateur Hour with Kamala Harris

Patriot Retort: I don’t know why I titled this Amateur Hour. Why limit myself to one hour of embarrassing, amateurish behavior when Kamala Harris certainly isn’t.

Ah, well. Amateur Hour sounds better than Amateur Four and a Half Months. So let’s go with Amateur Hour.


Yesterday, that vapid Kookie Kamala declared her painfully embarrassing trip to Central America a “success.”

It was a “success” y’all. Provided you define success as “she didn’t get lost and find herself in Europe,” then okay. It was a success.

When Joe Biden put Kamala in charge of the border crisis they unleashed,
he said “I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this.”
Joe’s circle of associates must be tremendously small.

When grading her performance in her first-ever foreign trip, VEEP comic relief said, and I quote, “Do I declare this trip a success? Yes I do. It is success in terms of a pathway that is about progress.”

Remember when I referred to Kamala as “Word Salad Kamala?” Yeah. She hasn’t changed one bit.

If you can figure out what the hell this idiot is saying, you get a Kamala Kookie.

Because I have no idea what the hell she is saying here. In terms of a pathway that is about progress it was a success? What in Lucifer’s reach does that even mean? more here

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  1. Kamala Harris has been exposed. Utterly and completely: she’s a cypher, who got by on sucking the dicks of powerful old men, and otherwise keeping her mouth shut.

    Now that her mouth is open, she’s been revealed for the mindless, corupt, obnoxious slut she is.


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