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Keaton Was Better Than Chaplin, In My Book

This cracks me up-

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  1. The scene in Steamboat Bill Jr. where the house crashed down around him and he’s standing in the middle of an open window in a heavy windstorm is one of the greatest stunts ever. How he did without getting squashed like a bug is still a mystery to me. I am a huge Buster Keaton fan, he was one of the best physical comedians ever.

  2. What Chaplin did better than any silent comedian is write feature length films that worked on levels regardless of physical comedy. Examples are City Lights, The Kid, The Gold Rush, Modern Times: all feature length films with excellent stories, character and plot progressions. Keaton’s famous feature flicks were The General and Steamboat Bill, Jr.

    If you want to debate who was greatest in stunt for stunt amongst Keaton, Lloyd and Chaplin, Keaton might just get it. But there were so many BRILLIANT short film makers in the silent era, and the stunts were insane.

    All great men – and brave!

  3. It’s incredibly hard to pretend you suck. You have to be just silly enough. Just silly enough to tell audience you REALLY do know what’s going on.

    People who suck aren’t funny.


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