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Product causes uncontrollable coughing and fainting spells

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  1. LOOOOOOL omg that is hysterical!!!! I love Dr. Tar’s “a shirt as black as Hillary’s soul.” I love them both!!!

    I’m amazed Amazon still has them up because they’ve deleted at least one of my book reviews, claiming I know or am related to the author, so my review must be biased. And knowing their penchant for making certain “undesirable” books unavailable, it’s too funny they haven’t seen these reviews. Oh I hope they never do.

    Now I have to go read the book reviews. 😛

  2. My “friend” bought just one and his credit card has been charged for $99 worth of them every month since that purchase

  3. Those book reviews are wonderful. I hope everyone gets a chance to read them. So F*ing funny.

    Thanks Left Coast Dan for posting the link.

  4. I bought it to cheer myself up. That didn’t happen.
    As soon as I put it on, the cat hisses at me like I was a Poltergeist. I move forward and make soothing noises and suddenly my face is all on fire from like eighty cat scratches. They immediately swell my eyes closed and I have to call 911. But being blind I cannot find my phone. So I lie there in agony waiting for somebody to call me. Then I think, What if I left my phone in my car.
    Better Check
    I head downstairs where I fall and fetch up against the door with nine broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, and hear my phone ringing upstairs.
    Long story short, I lay there all day and night under a pile of mail until my Dad comes over because he wants to chew my ass for not returning phone calls. He tries to force my body out of the way and runs the door up on my hand stripping the skin off all four fingers. Then he gets mad because I nearly gave him a heart attack screeching in pain. Then he accuses me of being on The Marijuana.
    The Nurses snickered as they cut this T shirt off me at the Hospital.
    Thanks Hilary.

  5. One of the funniest, and most diabolically brilliant things I’ve ever seen here!

    LOL doesn’t adequately describe how I laughed my ass off reading these.

    My favorite part is seeing how over 90% of the readers of the reviews found them ‘helpful’!

    My left thumb needs a break from all the ‘finding helpful’!

    Keep up the great work, you deplorables. :-/)

  6. Don’t tell me: The Hillary Clinton Action Figure takes bribes and tells lies until it overheats and passes out.



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