America Regaining Post-WWII Levels of Supremacy

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You won’t hear this from the media, but America under President Trump is doing well. Very well, in fact. A true read of the state of our union is simple: We’re strong and we’re getting stronger fast.

The labor participation rate is breaking records. Unemployment is at historic lows across all demographics. Wages are increasing, faster for those at the lower income levels than for those at the top. China has agreed to a historic trade deal. Congress (finally) passed the new US-Mexico-Canada trade deal which will create jobs across the continent. The stock market keeps breaking records despite impeachment. There’s almost too much good news to pack into one paragraph. It all points to growing American strength just a few years after President Barack Obama mused aloud about a “post-American world.” More

12 Comments on America Regaining Post-WWII Levels of Supremacy

  1. What was that Barry the fairy said about jobs not coming back?
    The left has been claiming that it’s because of his policies, yeah right.

  2. And nearly every other country is struggling. Would love for them to do well too, but it’s up to them to make the right decisions as we have.
    Of course they have the added challenge of lacking our Constitution.

  3. America Regaining Post-WWII Levels of Supremacy is the LAST thing a Commie wants!
    Anything that divides America or weakens America in any way is exactly what they DO want!
    It’s not that hard to spot the enemy within couched in Political Correctness, ginned-up “racism” and victimhood of every imaginable fashion!

  4. Looking for pre WWII return where we kick the crap out of fascists and totalitarians. I want my country back.

  5. You really can’t blame the majic negro for his pronouncements. He knew he had no expertise in anything, he knew he didn’t know how to use the experience and wisdom of the career people, knew he was just there to enjoy the ride. So he set the bar for the expectations of his performance.

    Gotta’ admit, he nailed it for his duration.

  6. Barack – Theres no magic wand to bring jobs back.

    Michelle – Bend over barky, I still have my magic wand

  7. all it takes is committed leadership & backing by the American people

    the United States was set up for Government to serve the people. every time it’s applied, it works

    good slogan for a shirt or bumper sticker: ‘Government is only good when it serves … Government is always bad when it rules’

    (damn, I’m copyrighting that … send all royalties to Uncle Molon)

  8. Kinda makes me wonder. If congress had been cooperative with Trump over the last 3 years. Would Trump have accomplished as much as he has?

    Compromising with those dimwits trying to reach bipartisan support for various laws, may have only slowed Trump down.

    Letting the demonrats be preoccupied with pouting, throwing temper tantrums, dreaming up new lies, only saying “no” to everything he wanted to accomplish, and focused 24/7 on impeaching the SOB (PDJT own words) was an option PDJT decided to take advantage of to keep them out of his way.

    I’m kind of thinking cooperation may have slowed down the Trump train express to MAGAland. Not made it go faster.

  9. BULL. sub3% growth is not a “great economy” …. Gov. Debt level 106% of GDP ….. infrastucture crumbling …… your “great military” has not won a war since RUSSIA won WWII …. your “great military” is funded by BORROWING from COMMIE RED CHINA>

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