American Airlines cancels 230 flights, delays 600+

Sickout is spreading.

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  1. This morning, Alex Berenson posted this email he got yesterday:

    I‘m a paid subscriber and thankful to be so. I’m also a pilot and fly international routes. On our trip back today from Europe to one of the airports in Texas we heard quite a bit of chatter on the 121.5 emergency frequency we always monitor. We figured out that it was people saying “Let’s go Brandon” and in some cases something worse. [smiley] And we heard this most of the way after crossing the Canadian border. In my 20+ year the frequency has always remained silent. Not today.

  2. Lucky for us that the National Guard is multi talented. They can replace nurses in NY, drive school buses in MA, check covid in public schools in MA and I imagine they all have their pilot’s licenses which is probably why they aren’t pilots now???

    Furthermore, I assume when they get off their shifts in the NY state hospitals, they will be getting their CDL to begin operating all of those 18 wheelers to move the supplies across our country. Who knows, maybe they’ll even unload the container ships in their free time.

  3. I’ve flown AA a half dozen times this year and maybe the pilots are red pilled but man, they sure seem to have more then their share of flight attendant Nazis.

    This “vaccine” mandate shit is really hitting the fan. Right now about 30% of Seattle’s Police will not get the shot and as of yesterday they have passed the deadline. After dark downtown is one spooky ass place. I imagine there are cops…somewhere…but I have never seen any and if another 30% get canned, it’s probably time to man the ferry terminals.

    Oh wait, some ferry routes have been cut back 70%!!! The fucking lame ass excuse coming out of WA is so many people are taking their vaca and sick days off. yaeh, you bet so they can hopefully weather the fucking mandate.

    Great job Inslee-fucking idiots.

  4. They WANT everything to collapse so hungry, starved, poisoned people will DEMAND the Government declare Martial Law and FORCE all the truck drivers, pilots, nurses, etc. to get the jab by pointing guns at them till they do, then FORCE them back to work at gunpoint, but on Government’s terms, not their own.

    Of course, they must seize the guns to make that work. The people will insist.

    Worked pretty well for me.

    Yeah, some folks starved, but mostly ones that I wanted to.

    As for your rebelling fantasies, I died peacefully in bed.

    So good luck with that.

  5. I read yesterday Pedo Joe wants to dictate…I mean “mandate”, the vax for any customers who wish to fly on an airline.

    His puppet masters are great at one thing. Destroying American business. If he does that only the wealthy will be able to fly as they can charter flights or own their personal aircraft.

    Roadside hotels/motels would benefit with all the road trips people would take.

  6. In the biggest miscalculation I can remember making, I said that the American people will have had enough of the bullshit by April Fools Day 2020 and tell the Covid exploitation racket to go fuck themselves in the ear. I was flat out full of shit when I said that.

    It does offer me some solace that the American people are starting to come around.

  7. I’m all for calling in sick or having car trouble across America. After all Washington isn’t doing anything for America, why should we do anything for Washington. Time for the message to get out.

  8. Maybe we should have a sickout for taxes across America.
    After all Washington isn’t doing anything for America, why should we pay them for it?

  9. actually Stalin died of a stroke in his bathroom. He lay in a pool of his urine because everyone was too afraid to go in and check on him.


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