Young NBA Player Gets Jab, Season Over, Blood Clots

2 people near and dear to iOTW just emailed me to say that each of their fathers got the jab and suffered debilitating nerve damage.

I am sickened by assholes that insist the jab is necessary so you won’t die. The odds of you dying from Covid, if not in the high-risk pool, are statistically negligible. They aren’t all that off from the odds of an elderly person dying of the flu in any other year.

Also, the shot merely mitigates your symptoms when you do get Covid. That’s it. That is all it is designed to do. But, I am old enough to remember a time when, prior to the development of the jab, each person reacted differently to the virus. Some felt nothing, some died. Same as now. I submit that the jab does NOTHING except open you up to negative effects of the jab itself.

Prove me wrong.

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  1. My wife got two jabs in early spring 2021. Since then she’s been transported to ER via ambulance once, admitted twice, been in ER three times, in urgent care three times, is lethargic, has headaches and muscle pain, caught shingles, has hives, vertigo, and severe mood swings.

    Her constant question is: why is this happening to me?

    And I hear her talking about getting a booster.

  2. I still have yet to get an answer from vaxxed people why am I a problem to you if you’ve had the “vaccine”? They just can not cop to having made a mistake.

    I have actually got one gal tell me she regrets having taken the shot and has not taken any boosters.

  3. Of equal importance is the fact that the NBA is complicit with the cover-up.
    Of course it is preposterous to think that the Chinese would have any thing to do with this…

  4. @BFH – Just stay focused on the fact that it’s NOT about the virus. Then everything that has happened in the last 20 months makes perfect sense.

  5. They can’t answer it. To answer it they will have to admit the vax doesn’t work as they thought it would – IMMUNIZATION.
    There are still morons who think that’s what it is – LIKE THE POLIO VAX!
    No stupid, it’s nothing like that. It’s a flu shot. Just like the one you take year after year after year. And never once did any flu shot taker tell me I was a stain on humanity because I didn’t get the flu shot as well. They got their shot and were not concerned with anyone else that didn’t get it. Now they are, because they are being told it matters. It doesn’t. Covid-19 is endemic. It will not go away if 100% of the people got the jab.
    I want a vaccination for stupidity.

  6. I have a job interview coming up soon and most likely I will have to get The Jabberwocky if offered the job. I’ll file a religious exemption if need be. If it gets denied, what do I do then? Starve? Not pay my bills? I don’t want to be the one guy who finds out the hard way.


  7. My husband and I have a friend who got the vaccine. He was admitted to ICU in a Las Vegas hospital recently for a blood clot that went through his heart and lodged in his left lung. He also has two other blood clots, one behind each knee. He is denying vehemently that they had anything to do with getting the jab.

  8. Why does the JAB effect some so adversely and not others? They know. But I doubt we ever will.

    Flip, that’s terrible. Best of luck.

  9. Thankfully, my 91 year-old dad and 88 year-old mom have refused the shot and although they aren’t in great health, say they would rather die from natural causes. Most of my family is in the “no” category, although our oldest daughter and her husband are nuts, make their children wear masks when it’s not required and keep them home except for school, and plan to get them jabbed. Don’t know if daughter and SNL have been jabbed, but probably. I can’t visit them, but that’s their choice. I will not be blackmailed into it. Husband is about to be forced into retirement, so we’ll see what happens. I may have to learn to make kudzu and squirrel stew over an open fire, lol.

  10. Hang in there Jerry M.

    I know it’s a tough decision but if you get the jab because A COMPANY MADE YOU DO IT you will resent those motherfuckers as long as you work there.

    Perhaps you will find a smaller company full of Christians and conservatives to work for?
    Could be a blessing in disguise…
    Good Luck buddy!

  11. Why aren’t there massive studies of unjabbed covid antibodies?
    Perhaps there are, just don’t fit the narrative so just like RBG, they are not reported.
    Imagine the amount of info they are hiding?
    Fucking criminal!

  12. For those that need a jab for work, will they accept a physical vax card?
    If so, they can be forged pretty easily.

    Likely print one out at home with thick paper stock.
    Find a legit one with numbers and copy with your name.
    When applying for the job act like you are pro-vax so they don’t suspect your forgery.

    On principal I would say fuck them but now I say FUCK THEM WITH A FAKE VAX CARD!!!!

  13. No more jabs should be allowed or taken until the no liability protections are abolished. Or just refuse. If your job mandates it, do you really want to work for people who care so little about you?

  14. Quite obvious that this has been deliberate.
    They turn a blind eye away from the CONVENIENCE of all of it. And they don’t want you remembering the events shaping as it happened.
    The virus came along at perfect timing for the Left.
    A little TOO perfect, in an election year.
    They were in cahoots with China to get rid of our duly elected President. You’ll never get me to believe otherwise. They had seethed with anger over the fact that everything they they tried had not worked up until that point.
    Trump was steering away from all the China influence to America. Manufacturing was coming back to our shores, trade talks with Chinese officials were shut down, our economy was booming with oil and energy independence. All the while, stinking Leftists tried every idea they could to get RID of the President. Twice impeached, criminal accusations, family denigrated, Russia collusion, illegal consortium with other countries.
    This was their last ditch effort and THAT almost didn’t work but they went ahead and RIGGED the election. States that were up a million Trump votes miraculously went to Biden hours later.
    This is what happened. Never forget they were in on this the whole time.

  15. Me 56,not attractive to females. Mothers morbidly obese care giver.Mother,breast cancer, five years after mastectomy with masses in her lungs and kidneys. All had covid one year ago. All alive today. We all were sick as dogs, no hospital stays. Co workers father,98 healthy, fell hurt his hip went to emerg.Dead one week later,covid. they disallowed family to see him after this second day in hospital,split the family,they no longer speak,some say b.s. others say covid was inevitable even though he was healthy and say it was right to keep him in the hospital for a sore hip. my co worker it angry they would not let him out after x rays showed no fractures. My opinion? They killed that man.

  16. May put forth a theory?

    Each maker’s vaccine has a series of slightly different formulations. The variations have Lot Numbers which are barcoded corresponding to coded “ingredients/formulas.”

    Big Pharma collects and tabulates any adverse reactions which are then correlated to the different formulas. This may explain why “the same vaccine” affects people very differently.

    You are witnessing a worldwide medical experiment of vaccines…and we are the fcuking Guinea pigs. See you all in Hell.

  17. P.S.

    Unlike medical history, I believe the vaccine that is the most damaging and that exhibits the best distance-death-deniability is the winner! It’s awarded the Peg Sanger Prize For Efficacy.

  18. Sorry for the incoherence in my comment, I am thoroughly ticked off about this shit. Otherwise what I considered sane people on both sides are at each others throats about walking out side in public. This is madness.


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