Walgreens to Close 5 San Francisco Stores over Soft Laws on ‘Organized Retail Crime’

Neon Nettle

Walgreens has announced it has been forced to shut down five San Francisco locations because of problems with “organized retail crime.”

The pharmacy chain said that each location will close next month and will shift prescriptions to another store in the area.

The company has been plagued with soaring shoplifting attacks because of soft laws regarding “low-level” crime.

The soft approach has seen a rise in brazen, broad daylight robberies, with stores left helpless as police are unable to respond.

“Due to ongoing organized retail crime, we have made the difficult decision to close five stores across San Francisco,” a Walgreens spokesperson informed Fox Business via a statement. more

23 Comments on Walgreens to Close 5 San Francisco Stores over Soft Laws on ‘Organized Retail Crime’

  1. San Fran with it’s no arrests if the crime is less than $950 or thousands of tents and pooping on the sidewalk is going to empty itself of stores & tax payers.

  2. Next, the Democrats will be crying over the “pharmacy deserts” the residents have to endure. It’s the same regarding grocery stores and “food deserts”. A store can only absorb so much “shrink” before it has to close.

  3. The city’s first mistake was choosing their patron, Saint Nan. It’s been all downhill, if you ignore her personal wealth.

  4. It is what the left refers to as a “retail desert.” They blame it on racism, surprise, surprise. The left is why we can’t have nice things. They are deliberately destructive sonsabitches and that is all that needs to be understood to make an accurate assessment of their empathy, their concern or their motivation. Their “voice for those impacted” by their actions rings as hollow as a cracked bell on my ears. To concede good faith or good intentions to them is nothing but a trap.

  5. Piglose is financially well-to-do, she doesn’t need to concern herself with those that have less than she does.

  6. They just finished a polling of San Fransisco residents. They were asked if they planned on leaving in the next 12 months. 56% answered yes. That place will be a ghost town.

  7. Dems are fine with this. One step closer to everyone left behind being 100% dependent on the Govt.

    Good ol’ SuperGovMan to the rescue from all those greedy people trying to deprive you of your Justice Booty.

    Remember the leftist credo – all you need is more Gov. to solve any problem. Including bloated, wasteful government.

  8. “This is only going to drive the Hood mentality out to the ‘burbs”

    If they value my property more than their lives, so be it.

  9. Brad – That place will be a ghost town.

    Uncle Xi sez: Won’t be wrong now, coastal rerestate be reree, reree cheep!

  10. TRF

    A buddy of mine and I were joking this morning about how that movie Red Dawn seems less and less far fetched. Shit, if the Chicoms invaded through our southern boarder Milley Vanilly would be down there handing out road maps.

  11. I’d be a lot uglier than that.
    Dear Cisco, unless you post a couple cops outside our stores for FREE and start arresting people, we close 1 store a week, overnight, with no warning…

  12. Nancy gonna have to drive to San Jose or further south to get her daily quart of Walgreen’s Brand Whisky or alternatively upgrade to Costco Brand Whisky.

  13. @TimBuktu

    That bitch owns a vineyard that certainly benefited from whatever laws/Aid packages she has pushed politically.
    If she drinks anything it is well above $300 a bottle.
    However, that is not what satisfies them.
    They love enriching themselves and controlling people. (most likely because no one voluntarily will physically fuck them for free)

  14. In our area in Florida there’s almost always a CVS across the street from Walgreens so if it is like that in SF, they will just go across the street to do their special shopping.

  15. Walgreens own fault since it’s done nothing to protect its merchandise, employees, or consumers. No prob. The mom and pop pharmacies need consumer foot traffic while grasping big pharma-peddlers such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reede, Walmart etc now having to fend for themselves. pity.


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