American Army Vet Fighting as a Merc for Ukraine Extradited to US, Prosecuted for Murders in ‘a Three-State Crime Spree’ – IOTW Report

American Army Vet Fighting as a Merc for Ukraine Extradited to US, Prosecuted for Murders in ‘a Three-State Crime Spree’

GP: A US Army veteran who became a mercenary fighter has been charged with murder and fraud in a ‘three-state crime spree’ after being extradited from Ukraine by the FBI, according to federal prosecutors.

The New York Post reported:

Craig Austin Lang, 34, who fought as a mercenary in Venezuela, Africa and Ukraine, made his first appearance in federal court on charges that he and his cohorts allegedly pulled off a double murder in Florida and falsified passports in Arizona and North Carolina before fleeing overseas, federal prosecutors said. more

12 Comments on American Army Vet Fighting as a Merc for Ukraine Extradited to US, Prosecuted for Murders in ‘a Three-State Crime Spree’

  1. The Ukes may have something like the French Foreign Legion. No questions asked about your former life and activities. Just be ready to March or Die.

    All them Biden Admin Uke warmongers can do that. They can be child molesters, mass murderers, rapists – The Ukes won’t care about little details like that.

  2. Mercenaries are typically amoral opportunists. The guy just took an opportunity to be as lawless as he wants to be…and get paid doing it. Didn’t matter to him where he was at the time.

  3. I know my fair share of Mercs. 95% are U.S. military trained who are under the impression $150K to $170K is good money. Good people. Patriots. It’s the 5% Johnny Tactical that learned all his shit off the internet and at the local range you gotta look out for.
    One of the .mil guys just about had me talked into taking a cruse down the Somalian coast line for $300K. Annually. Not bad money for getting a real good tan.
    We use to build something those guys loved. An indestructible bolt for a 7.62 by 39 for an AR/M4. Turns out if they were contracting to the Israelis they’d get plenty stingy with their 556/223 ammo. And you can find 7.62 laying on the streets. Better round anyway. Just dirty.

  4. Keep in mind that these soldiers of misfortune were in Ukraine back in 2017, when the Ukraine military was all puffed up and not facing anywhere near the kind of pushback that they get now. They were massacring unionists in Odessa, lobbing artillery into the Donbas and beating up on local militias who dared to challenge them.

    These two maggots probably didn’t even have their first nazi tats when Russia kicked Ukrop ass at Debaltseve in 2015. These two strutting posers played at war in 2017 and were nowhere to be found on the steppe when the SMO began. Which is a crying shame since they’d be dead, and some other foolish people would probably still be alive.

    But as I said, these two weasels are just the sort of murderous thugs our FBI likes to play with. Pretty sure we haven’t heard the last of them.

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