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Biden Rouses Himself to Tackle the Border


President Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce new executive actions on immigration this week, which should at least theoretically come as a surprise to anyone who has heard him insist — repeatedly — in recent months that he has exhausted his power to unilaterally do anything about the border crisis he’s caused.  He and his team have been lying, quite obviously, as critics have been pointing out every time they’ve issued insultingly false denials like these: More

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  1. How long has illegal immigration and the boarder been a problem? And once again it’s an election year. Who’s to blame? Oh, the games they play in DC.

  2. Grab your Vaseline, America is going to get it again.
    The plan is to lie more and import illegals faster.
    Just like crime being at an all time low, just the “reporting” of crime is at an all time low.
    Bragg has dropped 60% of his felony convictions to misdemeanors.
    That isn’t a reduction of crime, just frees them to commit more crimes.


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