American College of Physicians Warns of Fungus Growing Across the US — No, Not Progressivism – IOTW Report

American College of Physicians Warns of Fungus Growing Across the US — No, Not Progressivism


American College of Physicians warns of ‘urgent threat’ posed by highly contagious FUNGUS that has a kill rate of 60% and is growing across the US

  • Cases of the fungus have more than tripled in from 1,310 to 2020 to 4,041 in 2021
  • The number of cases resistant to the main antifungal drug are also increasing

An influential US medical panel is warning about the dangers of a rapidly spreading deadly fungus — just a week after the hit zombie show The Last of Us wrapped up.

The American College of Physicians (ACAP) said the rise and spread of antibiotic-resistant cases of Candida auris, also known as C auris, is ‘particularly concerning’.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already described the fungus, which kills up to 60 percent of people it infects, as an ‘urgent threat’ in 2019.

A person is infected after coming into direct contact with a contaminated object. It spreads from person to person by direct contact between them. Strict handwashing, especially in hospital environments, can prevent its spread.

But the new research from the CDC has revealed case numbers more than tripled across America between 2020 and 2021, with antibiotic resistant strains also becoming more common.

Most transmission occurs in healthcare facilities, especially among residents of long-term care facilities or among persons with indwelling devices or mechanical ventilators. 


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  1. Not only that, a new disease called in English Scrantonitis (latin: scrutinous detesticulum) is spreading rapidly across the US, which causes men’s testicals to fall off in a foul (latin: fauci) lump of rotten yellow skin and other matter.

    Yes, people, there is a lot to be fearful of.

  2. “Some experts claim fungi are becoming more common worldwide as the changing climate makes environments more suitable for them.”… it says.

    That pesky old climate change rearing its ugly head again. Must do something about that, eh?

  3. Let’s see…” Lots of the early cases of C auris in the US were imported from abroad, the majority of the cases in recent years have been due to local transmission.”

    And the number of cases in 2020 tripled in 2021 and has been increasing since. Now what happened in 2021? The number of new “dreamers” pouring over the southern border increased dramatically. But oh no, the “scientists” are blaming global warming.

  4. So now we have a new scary humungous fungus outbreak among us, who knew. What’s the next disease du jour of the day going to be? And I’d bet it’ll be climate related. Chicken Little and the boy who cried wolf call home, we’re sick and tired of your ever changing, constant bullshit scaremongering. What’s the next scary, fake boogie monster disease going to be, any guesses. Whatever it’ll be it will be a lulu.

  5. My hot take.
    It’s less about the weather,than it is fear mongering people in the past three years, to over sanitize their environment killing off both helpful and non helpful bacteria.
    Now let’s pump the country full of people who many have less than stellar hygiene.
    What did they think might happen?
    But no, it’s all got to be related to “climate change”.

  6. Blaming it on the climate right after pointing out it’s most common in long term care facilities with ventilators and mechanical health care items?
    Sounds to me like the diversity hires aren’t cleaning the equipment properly.

  7. Joe Biden and his Ku klux Klan collaborators in the democrat party are the malignant fungus. Watch them try to push some other bogus vaxx to ‘remedy’ the thing.

  8. The CDC is the main source of deceitful fungi spreading across the universe.
    Why would any sentient creature on Earth believe anything put out by these liars?
    The CDC (and more than likely the ‘College of Physicians’) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Pharma – the most prolific (and efficient) mass murderers in History.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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