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Americans Hate Soccer So Much That One Team Is Now Giving Free Cash To Fans

SmokeRoom: The Las Vegas Lights soccer team is so desperate for fans that it actually had to drop a bunch of cash from a helicopter for headlines.

In case you weren’t aware, the Las Vegas Lights are Vegas’ pro men’s soccer team, and they probably have about two fans in the entire continental United States.

Faced with diminishing interest, the Lights decided it was be a fun idea to drop a bunch of cash from a helicopter during halftime on Saturday against the LA Galaxy.

Now, at any other sporting event in America, dropping $5,000 from a helicopter would result in total chaos. So many things could go wrong, from the concerningly low altitude of that helicopter, to the fact that they’re just dropping thousands of dollars from the sky.

You can almost always safely assume that those factors are a recipe for disaster. But things pretty much went smoothly here. Sure, people were pumped for the money (it’s free cash — in Vegas) but there were only like 15 people competing for it and, again, this was a soccer game. It’s a gentleman’s sport, like golf but for weenies.

I think this speaks to the larger narrative about soccer in the United States. People just don’t care.  WATCH

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  1. Geezuz it’s Vegas! Work on skimping down the cheerleaders costumes and on dance routines you’d see in the Casinos. Nobody would be surprised (it’s Vegas) and you’d probably double the fans. Yep, I’m a pig.

  2. Reminds me when back in the late 70’s when our town had to drop the age of the Easter egg hunt due to too much pushing and fighting between the middle-schoolers.
    These people were well behaved which makes me think that there was a “You will be arrested…” talk prior to the event.

  3. Here in Atlanta, the new pro soccer franchise is doing quite well. I have no interest, but anecdotally, I know a more than a few dads who switched from NFL to pro soccer for sports entertainment.

  4. The sports kids play become the professional sports of the future. When my kids were in middle school, soccer (AYSO) was more popular than Little League, and I could foresee soccer becoming a major sport in a generation or two.

    But then a funny thing happened: parents took over AYSO and turned the league into an out of control kids sporting event like Little League used to be. At the same time, our local Little League divisions starting enforcing a spectator (i.e. parents) code of conduct, which included banning some parents from games and removing coaches who were too intense. All of a sudden, baseball became fun again, while youth soccer took a hit.

    Here’s a truth that parents need to learn – the odds that your child will make a living as a professional athlete are miniscule, and it is exceptionally unlikely that your child will land a college scholarship in any sport. I am a big believer in the value of sports, particularly team sports, but the benefits are in the here and now in terms of learning how to compete and working for a common goal. Coaching youth sports is more than just rolling out the ball and yelling “have at it,” but at the same time it has to be fun.

    So I’ve changed my mind again; I don’t see major league soccer becoming a player in the foreseeable future except in cities with large hispanic populations. A professional sports league needs homegrown players to thrive, not a lot of imports.


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